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Monthly Archive: February 2010

2010 Greetings!

Hope your new year is going well for you.  Despite the cold weather and abundance of snow, things are surprisingly busy at the farm.  We are finishing up trimming the 120 acres of grapes, which we have been at now for 3 months, quite a job Download chrome extensions.

Workers trimming and tying the grape vines

We also planted our tomato plants in the greenhouse this week, which was a lovely place to work at a balmy 80-some degrees as the winter winds blew outside.  These are the tomatoes that we all look forward to ripening in May and giving us back that fresh tomato taste that we missed over the winter.    We planted a few extras that we will have for sale later this spring, so keep that in mind if you want plants 프루나 3.35 다운로드.

Replanting the tomato plants into the greenhouse pots

While we stay busy in the winter with maintenance and trimming, we also take some time to reflect as we plan for the next season.  So now I really need your help, would you please click here (Do a right click and open the link) and take a few minutes and complete this survey so that we can have the important input of our customers?  Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you in a few months when asparagus gets ready!  Meanwhile, stay safe and warm 거래명세서 양식 다운로드.