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Could it be Spring?

Thanks to everyone who answered our survey, I was overwhelmed by how many of you took the time to answer and your feedback was extremely helpful and gratifying, so THANK YOU so much.  We will be embarking on making a few more changes to the market this year, they will be simple enhancements that we need to make for building upkeeps and a few improvements, we hope you will notice and enjoy them bmp 파일!

So, the warm weather has set us out on our Spring “to do list,” slightly earlier than normal it seems.

Last week we were able to get the straw down on our strawberry rows, yes, that is me driving the tractor and “supervising” to make sure they get just the right amount of straw down Illegal download of architectural studies.

Beth and the crew getting the straw on the rows of strawberries

Then today, we planted our potatoes, those wonderful redskin “new” potatoes we dig fresh daily:

Jay and Tom planting red seed potatoes

Our first tomatoes!  We were quite excited this week to find 3 baby tomatoes on our plants in the greenhouse! c Language download!

First of the season tomato!

So, just a quick update to let you know things are starting to happen for the season.    We will keep you posted on when asparagus will  be ready.  Hope you are enjoying these warm days 윈도우10 부팅디스크 다운로드!


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  1. Dace Kins

    So glad to hear that things are starting up at Corey Lake Orchards!! We’ve been coming
    there for years and years…..from our house on Long Lake. We love all your fresh
    fruit and vegetables. The beautiful cards
    were a nice addition too! Here’s to a great Spring and Summer!!!!
    Dace Kins

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