12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

Asparagus update

Asparagus picking:   We have tried to pick asparagus a few times this week, but due to the cold nights, it is coming very slowly.    We will be on a schedule of picking about every other day until the temperatures are more consistent.    So for the next week, if you would like to try to get some, it would be best to contact us either by phone (269-244-5690) or via a return email and tell us how much you would like and leave a phone number where we can contact you.  As we are able to fill your orders, I will call you. 

Asparagus price:  $1.50 per pound.

Tomato Plants:  We have lots of tomato plants for sale, they are 50 cents each, or you can get a whole flat of 48, for $15.00.  However, you may find yourself doing what we have been doing lately, covering them up at night!!  We just finished covering about 6:00 p.m., no small task given that we have several thousand plants.   Let’s all hope for no frost tonight.


The dedicated crew covering tomato plants on 4-21-10