12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

A Quiet Time at our Market

Well, we are experiencing a quiet and sort of empty market right now while we are waiting for most of the summer crops to arrive.   We still have plenty of sour cherries for you to pick and they are really nice right now.    There are only a few sweet cherries left to pick, high up in the trees, and we no longer are picking any for the market 다크 나이트 2008 다운로드.

We did pick our first blue berries of the season today and with all of the rain we have had, they are really large and plump this year.  Since they are just starting,  we are only picking a few each day and they sell out quickly.  Carol was one of our lucky customers who got some today, she was so excited that our blue berries were ready that everyone on the market got a hug when she saw the blueberries and tasted them.  She made sure that my Dad, who grew the berries ,got a hug too.  But Carol, you still owe the picker a hug as he was still out picking when you came!  It is amazing for all of us to experience the “firsts” of the season as they come in and it reminds our taste buds of those flavors we have missed for a whole year Hello Hazel trailer download.

So, I will update you in the near future when more of our summer crops start to come in like Green Beans, Summer Squash, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Egg plant, etc.    Since we are not sure what we will bring in each day, feel free to call the market and see what we have available before you drive over.  269-244-5690 원피스 73권 다운로드.

Have a good weekend, can you believe it is supposed to rain again?!!    Well, it has been a blessing that we have not had to use the irrigation so far this year 비트세이버 아바타 다운로드.