12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

It’s Cherry season!

Strawberries are now gone for the season, we thank all of our customers who got them here this year as given our early hail damage, it was a tough year for strawberries my little forge.

U-Pick Cherries:  We still have  Sweet and Sour Cherries left for you to pick.   The sweet cherries remaining are in the tops of the trees so you will definitely need a ladder.  The best sour cherry picking is in the tops of the trees as well, but there are lots of those left.  See our website for picking details and pricing.  www.coreylakeorchards.com.  As conditions can change due to weather or the number of customers we have, feel free to call the market for the latest picking information.  269-244-5690 카톡프사 다운로드.

Picked Cherries:  We  have picked sweet and sour cherries on the market.  If you need 10 pounds or more, it is best to call us to make sure we can have those picked for you and ready when you come.   269-244-5690 ReddyBooks.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:  Our greenhouse tomatoes are winding down for the year, so we are only picking a few each day and tend to sell our early.  We will let you know when our field tomatoes will be ready 황금빛 내 인생 다운로드.

Fresh Dug Onions and New Red Potatoes:  We are trying to bring these in now daily, lately the rain has hampered our ability to get them on some days, but they are both $1.00 per pound oracle 11g 다운로드.

Three Rivers Water Festival:  We were very honored that Centrury 21 Arrowhead in Three Rivers asked if they could create their float this year as a replica of Corey Lake Orchards.  This year’s Water Festival theme was “Down on the Farm.”  While the weather forced the parade to be cancelled and the float did not get to be displayed for everyone to enjoy, we sincerely appreciated the honor bestowed upon us and all of their hard work to create the float.  They will be bringing it out to the orchard and it will be on display for a few weeks.  Thank you to all of the hard-working people at Century 21! 

Century 21's Water Festival Float honoring Corey Lake Orchards

Sesason reminder:  Due to the early spring heat, everything is running about 10 days to 2 weeks early this year.   It’s almost unheard of for strawberries to be over and  to be in the middle of cherry season during the middle of June Sketch-up 2016 32 crack download!

Hope to see you during cherry season.