12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

Sour Cherries are ending, Blueberries are starting

If you want to pick sour cherries you really need to come in the next few days.  While there are still plenty left to pick, due to all of the rain, they are not going to keep much longer.  We are no longer picking them for the market, so it us just U-Pick now.  I suspect by about the end of Wednesday, there will be very few left seoul subway line list.

Blueberries are starting and are available for $5.00 per quart, or $3.00 per pint.   Since they are just starting, we are not picking too many each day and tend to sell out by the end of the day, so feel free to call us and we can reserve some for you.  269-244-5690 Download Disneyland.

The summer vegetables really are coming!!  We picked some yellow summer squash and zucchini yesterday and we hope to pick a few green beans tomorrow zwcad 2018.