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August 31st Update

Another month has come and gone, wow.  Just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things:

Homemade Baked goods.    This Friday, our bakers will be introducing two new items:  Pear pie (made with our Bartlett pears) and apple dumplings (made with our Cortland apples)   Both of these are truly amazing and you will want to try them.  Baked goods are in the market on Friday, Saturday and Sundays latest music.

U-Pick tomatoes, Help us to help others:    This week, we have been offering a special to anyone picking tomatoes:  Pick a bushel for yourself  and then pick an extra half bushel for us to donate to a local foodbank, and we will only charge you $10 a bushel instead of $12.    We are offering this to the first 10 (ten) customers each week day who are willing to do this.   (We are limited to 10 due to the need to coordinate  with the foodbanks during the weekdays.)    A big thank you to everyone who has done this, we have sent off ten bushels in two days to the area foodbanks and the recipients have been very thankful.  Our tomatoes are in their peak right now, plentiful,  beautiful and very easy to pick.   So please help us to help others.  We will continue to do this on weekdays while the tomatoes are plentiful and the food banks can use them 웹페이지 css 다운로드.

Grapes:  Everyone wants to know when grapes will be ready, including us!!  We had sugar samples taken today and they are not as sweet as they need to be.  I’ll try to give you an update by the weekend on when we think they will be ready, but it is difficult to predict given the weather, but we will update you with everything we know Ied it six times.