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End of August Update

U-Pick Tomatoes:  We still have LOTS of tomatoes to pick and the picking is really good right now, so come on over.  They are $12 a bushel to pick.  We should have U-Pick tomatoes up to the first frost.  If you don’t want to pick them, you can buy them for $20 a bushel on the market, but it would help us if you could call in advance to order them.  269-244-5690 ucinet 다운로드.

Grape Tomatoes:  Have you tried our grape tomatoes yet this year?  If not, you should.  They are firm and sweet, perfect for snacks.  As evidenced below, even our young customers like them! 

Ben and his sister enjoy our grape tomatoes!

Our grape tomatoes 8-19-10









Bartlett Pears:  We have just started picking the Bartlett pears.  This is an excellent canning and eating pear.  We have them for sale by the bushel for $17.00, $9.00 a half bushel, $5.00 a peck (a quarter of a bushel) or a 4-pound box for $4.00.  We are going to let them continue to grow for a few more days and will start picking the majority of them this coming week.  If you have signed up on our list for bushels of pears, we will be calling you this coming week as we pick your orders 피파 게임 다운로드. If you want to reserve bushels, please call us at 269-244-5690.

Bartlett Pears 8-19-10

Stanley Prune Plums:  We have picked all of our Stanley prune plums (we had a very small crop this year) and have them for sale for $6.00 a peck or a four-pound box for $4.00. 

Stanely Prune Plums being picked on 8-17-10

Apples are Coming! a7x!    Because of the hot summer, everything is ripening early, so today we started picking our Jon-A-Mac  and Gala apples.   The Jon-A-Mac apples are $12.00 a bushel this year, reduced from last year due to hail marks on them.  (Note:  all of our apples got damaged by a hail storm in May.)   The Gala apples got hit by frost and hail, so we will not have enough of them to sell by the bushel, sorry.  They are in the market now for 65 cents/pound or a peck for $5.00.    We will advise you when each type of apple variety becomes ready by an email and posting it on the website.    Within the next several weeks, we will try to give you an estimate on picking dates and when U-Pick will be ready u boot.

Grapes:  Please check back with us around the 1st of September for an estimate of when grapes might be ready.  Again, everything is going to be early this year 영화 해로 다운로드.

Onions:  Our Red, White and Yellow Sweet Spanish Onions have all been harvested, tied in bundles and hung to dry and are being bagged into ten-pound-bags for sale.  We did not have many onions this year due to weather related issues.  They are $7.50 for a ten-pound bag pc 맞고 다운로드.

Our Sweet Spanish onions bagged and ready for sale!

 Summer Vegetables:  As I mentioned last week, the market is bursting with all of the summer vegetable at their peak.  We have beautiful eggplant, peppers, onions, squash, green beans, shell-out beans, sweet corn, cucumbers and cabbage 바람의 검심 성상편 다운로드.

As always, thanks for supporting us by buying local fresh produce and products.