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Apples are now gone for the year, Please come out for the Fall Color Tour

Well,  we find ourselves in a very unusual situation, the beginning of October and out of apples!    As you know, usually this is the prime  time to get apples, but due to the light crop we had, they are now  gone.  So sorry… Download The Bathers Rough Guys.

U-Pick apples: You may still try to pick apples if you want,  but we only have “end of harvest gleaning” left for $6.00 a  bushel.  There are very, very few left; a few here and there on some of the trees, and due to the hail storm, it is difficult to find any nice apples.  Sorry Windows 7 Update.

Length of our fall season and Fall Color Tour, Sunday October 17th:  Due to the light apple crop,  our last day will be  Sunday, October 17th.  This is also the day slated for the annual fall color tour in St Silverlight 32-bit download. Joseph County which we participate in.  While we may not have apples, we will have a variety of other things for you to participate in and see, including local arts and crafts.    It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so just come out and enjoy the fall colors and being on the farm, you are welcome to stroll through the grape vineyards and orchards, or walk down to the lake multipart/form-data 다운로드.

The local art and crafts will include photography, paintings, cards, baskets, soaps, hand painted items, wine charms, bottle toppers and covers, recycled glass items and more one-of-a-one showers.

In addition, the people that make the local products you purchase here all season will be here with their goods:

  • Ruth:  With her outstanding pecan and cashew brittle
  • Kathy:  With her handcrafted embroidered canvas and quilted market totes
  • Mary:  With her jams and apple butter
  • Michaela and Patti:  With a great selection of pies, apple dumplings and cookies
  • Diane:  With her painted pumpkins and gourds

Special demonstrations:

Beekeeping; Beekeeper Charlotte Hubbard will share beekeeping basics and equipment if you’ve ever thought about having bees, along with a (non occupied) hive to show what goes on inside.  She will also have clevery decorated honey bears featuring some of Corey Lake Orchards’ own honey and bee themed greeting cards.  Profits from these sales go to her late husband’s charitable foundation, raising money to feed the hungry 3d 프린터.

Birds of Prey:  Aimee Pico and Darlene Brockman of Lake Milton Raptor Education Center will be presenting live birds of prey from 1 – 3 p.m.  Come and experience being eye to eye with an owl, hawk and falcon.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn about such majestic creatures, Bring your camera 코미디 다운로드.

Cider and Donuts:  We will have glasses of our freshly pressed cider for you to enjoy and along with these, donuts, made by the High School Youth Group from the Immaculate Conception Church in Three Rivers.  They will even have coffee brewing mobile phone bear player!

Beefalo products:  Available from Green’s MM Beefalo Farm of Vicksburg.  They will offer their Beefalo meat products which is a cross of 5/8 Beef and 3/8 Buffalo.  Their beefalo is naturally raised, lower in fat and cholesterol then beef 아이패드 드롭박스 다운로드. www.greensmmbeefalo.

Three Rivers Area Fall Color Tour, October 17th!  12 – 5, Download the full brochure here reddit 다운로드! Color Tour Brochure FINAL 2010

As of right now, we  still  have some Concord  grapes to pick.  They are 20 cents a pound, or 15 cents a pound if you pick over 100 pounds.  What we have left is primarily in the middle of some long rows.

Pumpkins, Gourds and Fall Ornamentals: We have  pumpkins available, ranging from $5.00 for the largest pumpkin , with smaller pumpkins available for $4, $3, and $1.  We also have some “fun” gourds (3 for $1), mums ($3.00 each) and Indian corn for fall decorating.    We have great birdhouse gourds and even snake gourds.

Tomatoes:  We have not had a hard frost here, so we still have tomatoes to pick as well as for sale on the market.

Cider:  Just pressed,  it is $5.00 a gallon, also available in half gallons and quarts.

Squash:  We have squash including acorn, butternut, buttercup and sweet dumpling available to choose from at only 40 cents per pound.

We do hope to see you for our final week and would love to have you participate in the Fall color Tour this coming Sunday,