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Tomato Plants are growing in the greenhouse!!

This past week, we got our greenhouse going and all of our tomato plants in.   So for those of you anxious for a fresh tomato, we are only months away now!!  This year we planted the “Biltmore” variety that we have had for years, but we are trying a new kind called “Rocky Top” which are a bit smaller and will ripen earlier.   During the ice storm over the past few days we lost power here at the farm like many of you, our priority for the generator was for the greenhouse and our 800 tomato plants.  So while we slept without heat that night, our plants were warm!    Power has been restored and all is well.

Hope winter is going well for you, spring will be here before we know it.  Take care,  Beth

Getting the bags of soil ready for the plants, under the close supervision of Dayton Hubbard

The finished product, 800 plants growing!


  1. Ken Kosal

    Beth, this website made me very envious! The orchard looks great. I’ve been debaiting buying a “homeowners” greenhouse to get a jump start on gardening… I love it, your update on the tomato planting is making me continue my search for a greenhouse (I’d love to get early tomatos and lettuce). Miss ya! Ken

    1. Beth (Post author)

      Go for it, there is nothing like your own early lettuce and tomatoes, I even planted green beans yesterday in the greenhouse. Beth

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