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Happy Spring!

These few days of nice weather have us busy in the fields, getting ready for the 2011 growing season!  Our grape trimming is finished, the straw is on the strawberry field, the blueberries are trimmed and the red potatoes are planted!  We are preparing the ground to put in a new peach orchard and blueberry field.  The tomato plants are now thriving in the greenhouse, along with cucumbers and green beans!  While we wait for warmer weather, we are busy getting all of the equipment ready for planting.

Jay trimming blueberry bushes on March 14th

Planting red potatoes on March 18th

Straw down on new field of strawberries March 11

Another spring task, new for us this year, was checking on the beehives to see how they weathered through the winter.   One made it and one did not survive, which is not unexpected.   So our beekeeper, Charlotte, took the honey off the hive that didn’t make it:  the good news is we have honey.  If anyone needs some local honey prior to us opening, I have it here and can sell you some if you give me a call on 244-5690. 

Charlotte Hubbard taking honey off the hive on March 16th

Upon going through the hive, she concluded it was the cold weather that did them in.  Honeybees cluster around the queen, keeping her at 92 – 94 degrees.  When the weather allows, the cluster breaks up and moves across the face of the honeycomb to where more golden goodness is located.  The honeybees died within inches of honey; it looks like it was too cold for their small number to move.  But, their bad news is great news for honey lovers!