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Monthly Archive: April 2011

No asparagus yet, Sorry!


Well, the question of the week has been wondering if our asparagus is ready yet as most of you feel if is the perfect addition to your Easter dinner.  Unfortunately, due to the cold weather (including snow!) this week, it is not.  If we can get about one week’s worth of “normal” warm spring weather, we should have some.  We’ll let you know as soon as it is available.  Let’s keep hoping for some real spring weather.  Have a good weekend this book.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards

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Finally it is starting to feel like spring!

With today’s warm weather and tomorrow’s prediction to be 80 degrees, it is starting to feel like spring, but the cool weather has not slowed us down much.  Since our last update, we have been busy:

New Blueberry field:  We put in 1000 blueberry plants, which tripled the size of our current field.  As most of you know, we have never had enough blueberries to offer U-pick, so we’re excited to get these in, even if we have to wait a few years for them to produce Moonlight Gymnastics 2015.

Beth and her father separating the blueberry plants

New Peach Orchard:  We planted 250 new peach trees, which you will see as you approach our market on the south side of Corey Lake Road 홍반장 다운로드.

Mr. Hubbard inspecting the peach trees prior to planting

Onions:  We got all of our onions planted, no small task as we put in 28,000 old pop song!

Onions: Just planted

Sweet Corn:  We got our first planting of sweet corn in, just before it rained on Thursday night embed pdf!

Planting the first sweet corn of the 2011 season on April 7th

Tomato Update:  Our greenhouse tomatoes are thriving, full of blooms and tomatoes 묵검향 월풍 다운로드! There is even one row of tomato plants out in the field already, in the annual quest for my father to have the first field tomato in Michigan!!  Because we had to replant the greenhouse tomatoes due to losing them in February’s ice storm, we have extra plants right now if you would like to get a few.    These are specially potted in large and medium size pots and can be put on your patio, needing to bring them inside of course if frosts and freeze are predicted.    Consider giving a nice tomato plant this year (already blooming!) instead of an Easter Lilly liveleak! The large pots are $5 and the medium size are $3.  You can stop anytime to get these or call us for more information:  269-244-5690.

Example of potted tomato plants for sale

Tomatoes growing in our greenhouse

Regular tomato plants coming later for your garden:

We will have plenty of field tomato plants coming in a few weeks for you to purchase for your gardening needs.  We usually have extras of peppers, melons, eggplant, cucumbers, and other vegetable plants that we will offer as available.  Check website later for availability Setler6 download.

Spring is always a hectic time for us, but we are excited to finally get another growing season underway so we can bring you fresh, local produce Fantastic water warfare download.