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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We are open 8 – 6 each day now, even through the holiday weekend.  We still have asparagus ($1.65 pound), Rhubarb ($1.50 pound), hanging flower baskets (2 sizes) and vegetable plants left.   Call ahead if you are looking for a certain kind of vegetable plant to make sure we have it.  269-244-5690.

From our greenhouse:  We are picking fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from our greenhouse daily, but they are coming on slowly so we  tend to sell out early each day.  Our tomatoes are $2.00 per pound and the cucumbers are $1.00 each.  But finally, it is so good to have a REAL tomato sandwich again!

Our greenhouse tomatoes growing...

What everybody wants to know……the questions of the day:

How much longer will we have asparagus and when will strawberries be ready?  I know you don’t like our answer which is:    It depends on the weather…but given the extremes of our weather this spring, you can see why it difficult to predict anything….

We are going to try to keep picking asparagus for hopefully another week or 10 days.

The strawberry crop looks good right now, loaded with blossoms and little strawberries coming on.  My best guess is that they might be ready the week of June 12th, but again, totally dependent on how hot it really gets this next week and for how long.   Of course we will keep you posted via our website and emails.  But I would check back with us around June 4th or so to see what the latest is.   We will determine our pricing next week and we are already taking orders for those who want a flat (8 quarts) or more.  Call us to order on:  269-244-5690.

Strawberries in full bloom, week of 5-23

We will leave you with one final picture of the farm that I took today on my rounds, the blueberries blooming!  They have such a delicate blossom, and as the petals fall away, you can see the formation of a tiny blueberry.    So while the weather extremes this spring have been difficult for us, it is these marvels of nature and the promise of good things to come, that keep us going….

blueberries blooming, 5-27-11

Happy Memorial Day from everyone at Corey Lake Orchards,