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Monthly Archive: June 2011

Baked Goods are back; Strawberry Sighting!

Baked goods return for the season starting Friday, June 3rd.  Our local baker, Michaela Eberhard has just graduated from Colon High School 알파고 다운로드. please extend your congratulations to her when you see her (she works at the market every afternoon except Thursdays when she is busy baking.)  She and her mother Patti will be baking and selling their wonderful baked goods here on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays format factory 다운로드. For those of you who got them here last year, you know first hand how great their pies,  cookies, and other treats are.  We think the best thing about their pies is that they use the fruit grown here on the farm New Year's card!

Their offerings for pies will be:  Rhubarb, Rhubarb-Strawberry, Cherry, Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Sugar Free Cherry and Sugar Free Apple.  They will have both the regular 9-inch pie as well as a smaller pie (perfect for two people or I have actually been known to eat one by myself!)

They will also have Chocolate Brownies and 3 kinds of Cookies: Frosted Sugar Cookies in flower shapes, Monster Cookies and Frosted Lemon Cookies 소유 어깨 다운로드.

Eggs:  We are trying to supply you again this year with local eggs.  But…..the local chickens are not cooperating, (too hot?  too cold?  too much rain?) so for a while, our egg supply is going to be short.  You may want to call to make sure we have them before you come over for eggs.    One of our local suppliers is a family from Jones, who have a variety of chickens, which lay blue, white and brown eggs Super Hot Download!    Sarah (12), Nathan (9) and Matthew (3) have around 50 chickens and this is their summer project.  When we have eggs, they are $1.75/dozen.

Asparagus:  We are still picking asparagus daily and hope to for about another week Download adf.ly. $1.65/pound.

Rhubarb:  We will have rhubarb through strawberry season.  $1.50/pound.

Greenhouse Tomatoes ($2.00 pound) and Cucumbers ($1 each) Download Armi6 5.     We are picking these daily and have a pretty good supply coming in.

Strawberry Sighting!  we picked a couple of quarts today.  We have a new early variety we are trying this year called AC Wendy.  This early berry is just beginning to ripen so we may have a few quarts for sale starting this weekend.  The rest of our berries are for mid-season, so we still think they are 7 – 10 days away.  Pricing for this year is:

  • Picked Berries:  $3.00 a quart; a flat of 8 quarts is $22.00; a case of 16 quarts is  $40.00.  We are now taking orders for flats and cases, and will call you when they are available.  Please call us on 269-244-5690 to order 태블릿 파일 다운로드.
  • U-Pick Berries will be $1.30/quart.  We will update you in about a week on picking conditions and availability.

Vegetable plants are now gone for the year.  We still have hanging flower baskets for sale Kakao TV pc.

Brandy Tasting:   Reminder, we are open every Saturday from 1 – 4 for Brandy tasting.

Thanks again for buying fresh, local goods.  Hope to see you soon 단테스 피크 다운로드.

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Vegetable Plants:  We are now sold out of plants for the season.