12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

Strawberries are Ready!!

U-Pick Berries:  We will open the strawberry picking to U-Pick on Monday, June 13th.  They are $1.30 a quart.    We have had to move to a “reservation/appointment” system this year to schedule customers wanting to pick more than 4 quarts.    If you need more information on how this works, please check our website: http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/2011/06/strawberry-information-for-2011-last-week-for-asparagus/

If you have left your name and phone number to be scheduled, you should have received a message by now giving you a time.  If you did not, please call us on 269-244-5690.  If you have any questions on U-Pick or need to change the time you were given, please call us and we will try to accommodate you Network Monitor.

We appreciate your patience and support as we try this scheduling system this year.  Please give us your feedback on it, whether it worked well or not, as we constantly want to improve and better serve our customers notepad++ 64bit 다운로드.

Picked Berries:  We are bringing in a good supply of picked berries daily.  If you ordered flats or cases, you also should have received a message back confirming your order and the date.  If not, please call us on 269-244-5690.   Pricing is $3.00 a quart, a flat of 8 quarts for $22 and a case of 16 quarts for $40.    We sometimes have these on hand when you come in, but it would help us if you could call us and order flats and  cases in advance 간트 차트 다운로드.

Beth's dog Denim, guarding the strawberries on the market, 6-10-11

Shortcake Available: Our bakers will be baking strawberry shortcake daily through strawberry season for you to pick up when you get strawberries.  Sorry, we can’t help you with the ice cream or whipped topping…. iPhone Chrome videos.!!

Cherries:  It appears right now we will have a good crop of sweet and sour cherries.  Please check back the last week of June for a better estimate of when they will be ready 파이썬 numpy 다운로드.