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Monthly Archive: July 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

For the 4th of July weekend we have several things you might enjoy:

Homemade Baked Goods: Our bakers will be selling baked goods all four days of the Holiday weekend, including Monday (yes, we are open all day Labored!)  This would be the perfect weekend to have a fresh blueberry or cherry pie or some of their specially-decorated red/white/blue star shaped cookies 보이스1 1화 다운로드.

A young customer thoroughly enjoying the homemade cookies

Come pick some sour cherries and make your own pie!  We opened our sour cherries for U-Pick this past Wednesday and they are still available to pick.   Since we never know how many customers will show up on any given day and how long they will last, feel free to call before you come to make sure they are still available.  (269-244-5690) Bring the family and pick a few pounds, eat a few, spit the pits at each other and then go home and make your own pie, starting your own 4th of July American tradition.  What  you might find much to your surprise is that you might like these tart cherries better than sweet cherries.  Many of our customers do, including myself Google Photo sharing album.

Here’s a family that picked 177 pounds this week, to make into pies, jam and cherry syrup.  The Shank family had 11 of their 12 children helping out, certainly verifying the old adage that “many hands make light work.”






Hubbard’s Brandy:  Bruce Ruesink has joined the Corey Lake Orchard family as the distiller for our Brandy House.  He expects to bring to market a ten-year-old special version of our apple bandy and perhaps a special edition of our grape brandy as well.  He has other exciting projects in mind, so don’t neglect your visit to the Brandy House.  Bruce expects to complete his first brandy run at the end of tart cherry season (if our customers leave him enough).  Stop in and meet him and taste the fire in our fruit.  The Brandy House is open for tastings from 1-4 p.m Farewell Path. every Saturday during the season and anytime by appointment.  Welcome, Bruce!

We are just starting to bring in a few summer vegetables, like fresh dug new red potatoes Download the business report. peas, summer squash, fresh dug onions. We have to admit the market looks a bit bare while we wait for most of summer’s bounty to ripen.

So, as there is not yet a long list of fruit and vegetables to update you on, we’ll provide a market enhancement update movie intern English subtitles.

This spring we completed the renovation started last year with re-doing the flower bed in front of the market.  As we have completed these changes, we have tried very carefully to re-use everything, as we firmly believe in the concept of reuse-recyle.  As we replaced old cement, we took those slabs and made them into the terrace gardens that you see holding the old planters on the side of the barn.  When we took out the old wooden planks on the side of the market, we used them to make shelves.  For this year’s change to the flower bed, we took out the old cement blocks and replaced them  with  field stone that we picked up yes, out of the field!    This project was designed and completed by Cathy Zimont.  As we watched her select the rocks to fit in place, it was like watching someone do a large jigsaw puzzle.  We think she did a great job and it greatly enhances the look of the market, so please join me in thanking her personally for this.   By the way, the flower growing over the rocks in front is nasturtium, for those of you who knew the late Allene Hubbard, her green thumb was known for making this flower thrive.  Many of you remember cutting a few to put on your salad (yes, they are edible!)

Market changes, 6-28-11

The second change was the addition of a cutting flower garden adjacent to the driveway and the house.  When a few pine trees had to be removed this spring, tearing up the lawn; it provided an incentive to create this.  This garden is filled with hummingbird items as well as frequently – many live hummingbirds.  This garden was created by myself in memory of my mother, who had a special connection with hummingbirds.  This is my first attempt at this sort of thing; this year was the “just try it and see what happens” approach.  I am learning quickly the changes I will need to make next year, (okay….I guess the sun flowers kind of took it over….) .  I need to thank my friend Sandy Struble for giving me the idea of a cutting garden, several books to guide me, in addition to her own personal help and support along the way.  Starting this weekend, we will offer fresh cut flowers for sale at the market.  You can get them arranged in a vase or you can select your own to create your own arrangement 윈도우 10 rs2 다운로드.

Hummingbird Garden, 6-29-11

So Happy 4th of July, and thanks again for buying local Download Delphi 5!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards