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Happy August

Finally, a break from the heat and humidity that took its toll on everyone and our crops too.   Even the “hot weather” crops seemed to rebel!!   The largest problem this has caused is  our fruit/vegetables molding/spoiling due to the hot-wet conditions.  We absolutely want to make sure we always give you a fresh-top-quality product, so we are doing our best to sort this out, but this weather has been so difficult that things spoil quickly or we might miss something.  If you ever get something here you are not happy with, please let us know and we will make sure to make it right with you on your next visit Download 7seeds.

Fruit:  We still have blueberries and hope to have for about another week.  Our melons (canteloupe) are just starting to come in.   We are starting to pick Jersey Mac Apples which are good for eating fresh or cooking.  We will have a very good apple coming in about a week called Earli-blaze, which is excellent for cooking (especially pie) and eating 스타크래프트 에쒸비 다운로드.

What’s coming for fruit? Some peaches will hopefully be ready in about a week to ten days.  Peaches are late this year because we took out one of our early peach orchards last fall, so we only have midseason and late peaches this year.  We have a small crop this year of Stanley prune plums, check back around August 20th for ripening update.  We have a good crop of Bartlett pears this year, check back with us around August 22 for availability 굿락 2018 다운로드.

Peaches ripening on August 6, have color but not size yet....

Fall crops:    Many of you are beginning to ask about apples and grapes.    As of right now, we have a good crop of both.  We will keep you updated in these emails on when each variety of apples is ready as well as grapes, but we won’t have much information until September Lady Bird.   We will have U-Pick on both of these crops.

Preview of fall apples, 8-6-11

Preview of fall grapes, 8-6-11







Vegetables:  We have plenty of vegetables, especially sweet corn right now!    We are waiting for the next planting of green beans to come in, so probably will not have more green beans until about August 17th or so.  We have started picking October or “cranberry” beans.  This is a bean that must be shelled out, like a pinto bean.  We fix a large pot of these every week when they are in season, they are Mr 떡볶이 다운로드. Hubbard’s favorite meal.

Tomatoes:  Everybody is anxious for U-Pick tomatoes.  They are coming on slowly, but check back around August 13th and hopefully we will have a starting date by then and price 죽어도 너야 다운로드.

Onions:  We have all of our onions harvested now for the year.  We had to pull them earlier than we would have wanted due to the heat and humidity.     They are still drying but can be purchased now “on the string.”   There are 4 varieties, all sweet.  All of the white and yellow onions are 80 cents per pound “on the string.”  The red onions are $1.00 per pound “on the string.”

  • Yellow Sweet Spanish
  • White Sweet Spanish
  • Candy (Sweet yellow onion, very large)
  • Mars (Red, sweet onion)

Getting large quantities for canning/freezing:  If you need large quantities for canning or freezing of anything we grow, please call the market and we will take your name/number and how many you want and call you when/if we can get those for you and give you pricing 양자분석기 프로그램 다운로드.

The Humming Bird garden:  A large bird has appeared in the hummingbird garden, which is certainly not in the hummingbird family.    Maybe it will help harvest the sunflowers which have grown to record height and will require a ladder to be picked! report form!

As always, thanks for supporting us by buying local produce and goods 웹서버 디렉토리 다운로드.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards!