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Fall U-Pick apples opening on Friday, 9-23

Hi, my apologies for the double email that went out in error yesterday from me, what follows is the email on apples that was supposed to go out…..sorry, the long harvest days are getting to me Download the book cover design!

Fall U-Pick apples:  We will open the fall apples on Friday, 9-23 for U-Pick.    The fall apples that will be available to pick are:

  • Cameo***
  • Cortland***
  • Fuji–Early and late varieties***
  • Jonathan**
  • Mutsu*
  • Ida Red*
  • Red Delicious***
  • Red Rome**
  • Northern Spys**
  • Yellow (Golden) Delicious**
  • *** Three stars means we have lots and lots of these apples
  • **Two stars mean we have a moderate amount of these apples
  • *One star means we don’t have many of these

However, please be aware that all of the apples are not as ripe as others.    The apples in green above are ready now.  The others will be better if you can pick them a bit later.  However, we know that isn’t always an option for those who are coming from a distance or who are trying to juggle the many things we all have going on in our busy lives.    So if you are unable to wait for some of the later varieties,  please pick carefully and select the ripest apples from the tree.  We want to send you home with ripe, flavorful apples!  Please call us or talk to any of our market clerks or apple field guide when you come out for more guidance on the best apples 너의 노래는 1회 다운로드.   (269-244-5690).

Information for apple picking:  We are open 8 – 6 daily, please be finished by 6 pm.  Bring baskets if you have them, if not, we will set you up with bags/baskets.  Please dress appropriately for an orchard, where natural hazards exist (bees, tall grass under the trees, the occasional sprig of poison ivy, etc.)   We do not supply any ladders, so if you would like to get that perfect apple that is beyond your reach, please bring your own Sei Bebe download.

For a description of these and all of the apples that we grow, please go to the apple listing on our website:  http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/seasonal-offerings/apples/

Pumpkins:  We started bringing in our pumpkins today from the field.  They range from $1 for the smallest to $6 for the largest ones.  We also have gourds, corn stalks and mums available for your fall decorating Download Chrome Remote Desktop.

Bringing in pumpkins from the field on 9-21-11

Denim "guarding" the pumpkin pile

This picture with the big slide in the background reminds me to tell you that when you visit us, you are welcome to use the slide to enjoy with  your families.  We would just ask that the parents/adults along watch their children carefully when using it.    Here’s a family that came out this week, brought a picnic lunch and really enjoyed our old-fashioned slide (they just don’t make them this way anymore!)

Family posing for a picture on the big slide

This little body seems pretty content to eat two apples while his siblings slide!

Brandy Tasting will be open on Saturday from 1 – 4.  Bruce has made some wonderful peach brandy this week.   When you walk into the distillery, you can still smell the aroma… Fifth Republic.

Apple Dumplings:  Apple dumplings, made out of our own Cortland apples will be here again this weekend.  They are a definite fall favorite Forced JavaScript files.

From all of us here at Corey Lake Orchards, we look forward to seeing you soon to enjoy all of our fall offerings!