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Monthly Archive: September 2011

Cider is here!

We have good news and bad news to share about cider.   First the good news: we pressed our first run of the season last night, using a combination of Gala, McIntosh and Jon-a-Mac and it tastes really good!  It is now available for sale in our market.

Now for the bad news.    Just as we finished, we had a major crash with a critical piece of our equipment, so we won’t be able to press more cider until we get it fixed.  So, we should have this for a few days, then we are uncertain when we will press again.  So call us to make sure we have cider before you drive out.  269-244-5690.

You know it is apple season when the first cider is ready!  Hope to see you soon.




Honeycrisp are here!

Honeycrisp apples:  We just picked our first Honeycrisp apples of the season that so many of you have been waiting for. They are available in the market by the pound ($1.50) or in a 10-pound peck ($12.00) bag.  Come on out for some, you will find they were worth waiting for!

Picked or U-Pick apples in the market:  We now have Mollie’s Delicious, Gala, Jon-a-Mac and McIntosh apples for sale in the market.   You may also pick these four kinds.

  • Mollie’s Delicious is a large, sweet eating apple.  It is a late summer apple and this will probably be the last weekend for them.
  • Gala is a great eating and cooking apple.  It has a crisp snappy bite over a mellow sweetness.
  • Jon-A-Mac:  This is a good cooking or eating apple.  It has all of the best qualities of a Jonathan apple and a McIntosh.
  • McIntosh:  This is the “real” old fashioned McIntosh.  It has a white flesh, is very juicy, slightly tart and smells wonderful.  Great for applesauce or making apple juice.

Fall apples:  The remainder of the fall apples are not ready yet.  We will open for those to pick probably mid to late September.  This past week’s cool weather has slowed things down.  We have lots of apples this year, so there will be plenty when we open for picking.  The fall apples that will be available to pick are:

  1. Cameo
  2. Cortland
  3. Fuji
  4. Jonathan
  5. Mutsu
  6. Ida Red
  7. Red Delicious
  8. Red Rome
  9. Northern Spys
  10. Golden Delicious

Grape Update:  When you come out, that wonderful aroma you smell is the white Niagara grapes!    We are awaiting the results of a sugar sample (hope to know by 9-13) to determine the opening date.    For your planning purposes, we think the white Niagara grapes will be ready around 9-14 and the Concords possibly the week of 9-18 or later.   They will be 25 cents/pound to pick, if you pick over 100 pounds, they will be 20 cents a pound.

Fruit:   Our seeded watermelon have decided to get ready now that summer picnic season is over, so we have a lot and will have them on special this weekend.  We will have peaches this weekend as well.

Winter Squash:  We have acorn, butternut and sweet dumpling squash ready now.

Brandy House:  The Brandy house will be open for tasting and tours on Saturday, from 1 – 4.  Bruce would love to see you.

Thanks again for buying local, we hope to see you soon.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Update on U-Pick tomatoes

Despite our best efforts, our tomato plants are not producing tomatoes in sufficient quantity for you to pick.   We opened for one and a half days, were picked out quickly, and due to the cool weather, nothing is ripening.

Given this situation, we will probably not open the U-Pick again this year, as the demand for tomatoes continues to be greater than what we  have available.    We don’t like having to tell you there are no tomatoes to pick after you have driven all the way here.

We will continue to pick the tomatoes and offer them to you as “field run seconds” at the same price you could have picked them for, $12 a bushel.    Please call the market and get your name on our list, 269-244-5690.  We will try our best to get everyone tomatoes before the season is over.

If a miracle happens, (we do believe in miracles) and the tomatoes come back on, we will open for U-Pick.

No one is sorrier than we are about not having a good tomato crop, we apologize for those of you who have waited patiently.  Thanks for your understanding.



Apples, Apples, Apples…..

Here’s a quick glimpse of the fun and joy of apple season experienced so far by customers during the Labor Day Weekend.    There are still plenty of apples left to buy or to pick, so come on over!  We are open on Labor Day from 8 till 6.  The apples are beautiful and plentiful this year…..

Family enjoying the apple picking

How many can I eat??Mmmmm. good!

Would Denim like my apple?Twin sisters insist that Denim would like an apple!

Twin sisters "insist" Denim would like an apple

Happy Labor Day from Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards!!

U-Pick Tomatoes is closed, Sorry Picked out….

We opened the U-Pick tomatoes yesterday and due to the number of customers that have come to pick then and this morning, there are no more ripe ones to pick.  So, we have had to close the U-Pick patch until more ripen.  Hopefully we will open it again next week.  We are having a very difficult tomato year due to a late blight.  Please call next week to check on availability.  269-244-5690.