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Local Honey

Earlier this summer, we started offering a very special local honey, labeled as “Honey from Above.”  This honey is absolutely as local as you can get, as it is made by the Corey Lake Orchards honeybees who live on the roof above the market, and create their golden liquid from the myriad of blossoms and wildflowers of the farm.

Another reason this “Honey from Above” label is special is because those bees are managed by my sister Charlotte, who started beekeeping with her late husband Tom when he became ill.  She thinks he’s smiling down on all the honey his bees are producing.  Our mother, the late Allene Hubbard, was also a beekeeper.  We think she’d be delighted that managed bees have returned to the farm.

Honey from Above is just one of the lines of local honey we carry.  Charlotte has more hives in Schoolcraft, and sells that all-natural honey in various bear sizes, most of them nattily dressed to make them an unusual gift … including the popular “pocket size” 2 ounce bear.

She also brings it in the comb.    If you’ve never tried honeycomb, these small sizes ($4 for a couple of inches) are priced right for a delicious experiment or to take to school for display.  You can chew the comb until all the honey is removed, and then spit out the wax (while no one is looking!)  All profits from sales of the Tom’s Bee-Loved Honey go to Charlotte’s late husband’s charities.

For years we’ve also carried the honey from Babcock Apiaries, right around the corner from our farm on Coon Hollow Road.  Brenda and Corky have been at this since 1993.   It is also beautifully sweet and comes in a nice selection of sizes, such as the popular 2 pound jar that will last you for a while.

Why local honey?  There’s a couple of great reasons.  First, it is reported to help with local allergies, as the bees incorporate into the honey the same pollens that may be bothering you.  Receiving it in small (and yummy!) doses allegedly helps build up immunity.

A second major reason to buy local honey is the same reason we hope you visit us for all your produce:  buying local means you know where it comes from.  According to the August 16th issue of American Bee Journal, a “third or more of all the honey consumed in the U.S. is likely to have been smuggled in from China and may be tainted with illegal antibiotics and heavy metals.  A Food Safety News investigation documented that millions of pounds of honey banned as unsafe in dozens of countries are being imported and sold here in record quantities.”  This same publication has reported on high fructose corn syrup being substantially mixed with honey, and sold as pure honey.

We’re happy to have local suppliers ensuring we bring you tasty, quality pure honey.

Beth, on behalf of my favorite beekeepers!