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Monthly Archive: November 2011

Sunday is our last day for 2011

Another season will wind down for us this Sunday, November 13th.   We will be open daily from 9:30 till 5:30 through then.  We still have apples.  As of right now we have:  Honeycrisp, Fuji, Northern Spies, Red Rome, Jonathan, Cameo and Pink Ladies.    But….we are running low on some varieties, so call before you come to make sure we have what you want.  269-244-5690.    We also have cider and a few onions left.  This will be your last chance to stock up on fresh apples from our orchard Lg laptop download.

Brandy Tasting and Sales:  The Brandy House will be open Saturday from 1 – 4.  Bruce has been very busy the past 10 days making brandy.  He has made and bottled Concord (purple) grape brandy and Niagara (white)  grape brandy from this year’s crop.  He has also made apple (not ready yet, needs to age) and has tried an  experiment with tomato vodka you could ask him about!  Also, he’d like you to sample a new brandy infusion he is trying called Polecat Midnight.  If you have not tried this year’s pear brandy, it is a must!  It has become my new favorite. 

After we close, the brandy house will remain open on Saturday’s from 1 – 4 through December, for tasting and brandy/wine purchases.  We will post our 2012 hours later  this year. 

We always have mixed feelings on our end-of-year closing.  We will truly miss all of our customers, but we also look forward to the winter pace of the farm, which gives us a chance to catch up on some much needed rest and have time for reflection, while of course doing all of the orchard and vineyard trimming and maintenance!   Before we know it, it will be January and time to sew the seeds for our greenhouse tomatoes… Download the allegro viewer.

We thank all of you for buying local this year and for being such wonderful customers.  We wish you a good holiday season and we promise to stay in touch through these emails and updates to our website Download the book cover design.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards