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Crop Update, Easter Sales and Plants for Sale

Crop update:  It looks like so far our crops made it through  Monday night’s cold temperature, but there are probably some more worrisome nights ahead of us yet.   If you have driven by lately, you’ll see that virtually everything is now in full bloom, which normally happens in May.  So be forewarned, everything will be early this year.  As soon as the weather settles out, we’ll try to provide you with a forecast as to when you can expect certain crops.

Peaches in bloom, with sweet cherries blooming in the background, 3-25-12

Sweet Corn is still coming, Knee high by Mother's Day??!!

 Asparagus:  Mother nature gave the signal with the warm temperatures for the asparagus to start, we picked about a bushel, then with the cool weather this week, it has slowed down considerably.   Given the current weather, we may have it for sale in about a week.  If you want to have us call you when it is ready, please call the market and leave your phone number and how many pounds you would like:   269-244-5690.  What does look promising, again depending on the weather, is you could plan asparagus into your Easter dinner!

Baked goods for Easter:  Since we expect to be open for Easter, our bakers will do special Easter orders, available for pick up on Saturday, April 7th.  The Easter selection and pricing will be:


  • Decorated egg-shaped sugar cookies (75 cents each)
  • Monster cookies (50 cents each)
  • Chocolate chip cookies (50 cents each)

Pies:  $9 each

  • Peach
  • Cherry
  • Dutch Apple
  • Regular Apple
  • Blueberry

Please order in advance by calling us at 269-244-5690 or by leaving us an email back.   Include information on what you want and a phone number.

Tomato Update:  With the 80+ degree weeks we had in March, the greenhouse averaged about 100 degrees each day, so our greenhouse tomatoes are ahead of schedule and looking great.

Lots of little green tomatoes coming! 3-27-12

Even the fifty some plants we have in the field have little tomatoes on them, which is why we covered them up Monday night to protect them from frost damage.

Covering up field tomatoes on 3-26-12 to protect from frost

Plants/Seed Potatoes for sale:  We have  plants available for sale as our stock came in this week and we have some extra.  Call us at 269-244-5690 or email us if you would like to have us save some for you.

Strawberry varieties are:  Annapolis, Earliglow, AC Wendy, Jewel, Allstar and Donna.  They are $1.50 per plant.

Onion Plants varieties (All sweet) are:  Candy, Red Candy Apple, Super Star, Yellow Spanish, White Spanish-Ringmaster.  They are 5 cents per plant.

Seed Potatoes--Red Norland:  These are 10 cents/potato.  This is the same kind that we have grown and sold here for years.

Large Tomato Plants:  These are about 2 feet tall and are in bloom.  Consider buying a tomato plant for someone’s Easter gift this year instead of the traditional flower!!  These are the perfect size for a large patio pot or to put a few out in the yard or garden for early tomatoes.    We have Biltmore and Rocky Top available.  These large plants are $6 each or 2/$10.  We will have the normal field tomato plants for sale later in May.

Large tomato plants for sale

All for now, Happy spring!