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Tomato plant sighting in the field, Last chance for asparagus roots

Many have now concluded that we went a bit crazy this weekend when they caught us putting 50 tomato plants out in the field!  Everyone knows Dad’s quest to have the first tomato ready in Michigan, and this year, he has beat out his 50 year record for having tomatoes in the field on March 18!    If we can get our customers some of our great-tasting tomatoes that much earlier, we’re all for it!  We figure if it gets cold again, we’ll just baby them along, yes, these are the little things we do for you!  Please wish us no frost.

Dad helping to get 50 tomato plants in the field on March 18th

Asparagus Roots:  We still have more asparagus roots for sale through Weds March 21st.   They are 25 cents each, we have Jersey Knights (regular green asparagus) and Purple asparagus.  Please call us on 269-244-5690 and tell us how many you would like or respond to this email.    They are available on the market now. If you have already placed an order, please plan to come pick it up soon.  Our apologies, we seem to have gotten someone’s order mixed up and mistakenly taken by another customer, if you did not get your roots and still want some, please let us know.

Coming in May:  Vegetable plants and our famous tomato plants, we are always plant extra so that you can buy your plants from us for your own garden.  We would advise you to wait until closer to the “normal” planting season for these.

Enjoy the weather!