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Easter Weekend and Frost Update

Frost Update:  We did get a hard  frost last night -April 6th,  but so far it looks like we have come out fairly well.  We lost just a few strawberries (only the few that were in bloom) and just a few sweet cherries, but it appears as if the apples, sour cherries, grapes and pears are okay.  We were very lucky in that the asparagus did not get frosted, so we will be picking on Monday, April 9th.  There are more cold nights to come so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Given that we will not be picking a lot of asparagus until it stays much warmer, please call ahead and order it to make sure we have it.  (269-244-5690).  Leave us your name, number and how much you would like.

We also expect to have rhubarb the week of April 16th.

Brandy Update:  Bruce opened the 2011 fall apple brandy that he made and it passed the taste test for being ready.  (That test is the approval by the owner:  Mr. Hubbard!)  So. we finally have apple brandy for sale again.   Since we are not officially open for the year, we are doing brandy sales by appointment only.  Just give us a call.  (269-244-5690).

We will leave you with a glimpse of our Honeycrisp apples in bloom, their beauty is a wonderful Easter gift to all of us!

Honeycrisp apples in bloom on April 7th, 2012