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End of April Update

Another month almost gone and what strange weather we have seen.    We would normally be very busy with our field plantings around this time, but the weather has us in a holding pattern.

Update on Frost Damage:  Unfortunately we have had some damage to our fruit crops.  Among the worst hit are pears, tart cherries, and plums.  There is minor damage beginning to show up on grapes, apples, sweet cherries, peaches, and strawberries. For those of you who can, freeze and make jellies/jams, you may want to ration your items in case you can’t replenish this year.  As most of you probably know, the entire state of Michigan has been hit very hard with frost damage in the fruit belt.  We really won’t know the extent of the damage for a few more weeks as the fruit tries to “set” and we can see what really made it.   Many of you who have driven past our strawberry field in the mornings have wondered what we are doing with our sprinklers going….it is how we protect them from frost damage.  Many thanks to Jay who is the one who stays up during these frosty nights to watch over our greenhouse and keep the irrigation going.


Irrigating strawberry plants through the night to protect them from frost damage

Asparagus Update: Due to the cold nights,  there is very little asparagus growing right now.    Please call us at 269-244-5690 to see if we have any left before you drive out or order in advance so we can save it for you.  Based on the weather forecast, we hope to pick again at the beginning of the week.

Tomato Plants:  We have tomato plants available now in our market.  If you would like some this year,  but you are not quite ready for them yet, please call us at 269-244-5690 or email us so we can save them for you.  Due to the storm out east, we are supplementing a greenhouse in Pennsylvania that lost their plants.  We would like to make sure our customers get the plants they want as many of you like the variety of tomato plants that we have.  The types of tomato plants available are:  Biltmore, Rocky Top, Scarlett Red, Mountain Fresh, Mountain Glory, Red Defender, and cherry and grape tomatoes.

Cold Crop Plants:  We still have cold crop plants for sale.  These are plants that you can plant right away and not have to worry about the cold weather.  These include; Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Lettuce, Shallots, and Spinach.  We still have seed potatoes for sale in the market.

Other vegetable plants:  We will have other vegetable plants later and hanging flower baskets, check with us mid-May.

Brown Eggs:  We are pleased to announce that Norma and David Yoder, from Leonidas, will be selling their farm-fresh, grass-fed chicken eggs at our market this summer.  They will have  Pullet eggs (pullet eggs are from chickens that are just beginning to lay, so the eggs are a little smaller) or  regular-large eggs.  They would very much like any egg cartons you have, so please help by bringing them back.

Rhubarb:  If the weather cooperates, we hope to have rhubarb this coming week.

Ruth’s famous pecan and cashew brittle is back, along with local honey!!  Come stock up!

Here’s hoping that we can soon get some “normal” weather back.  Have a great weekend.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards