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Another month gone….Welcome June

How unusual for us to be picking both strawberries and now sweet cherries in May, plus this week we even brought in some broccoli and peas from the field!

Sweet Cherries:  We have started picking sweet cherries and have them for sale already picked.  We will probably open sweet cherries for U-Pick sometime the week of June 4th.    Please check back with us for more info and pricing.

U-Pick Strawberries:  Well, thanks to everyone who did the rain dance for us, it rained today on our opening U-Pick day (which we didn’t expect) and we appreciate the few brave souls who  came out to pick.  The picking was good, even for those who were trying to pick with gloves and mittens on!!  Now that it has gotten so cold, we really need a few days of warmer weather to ripen the berries.  We will be closed for ripening on June 1st and 2nd, We hope to re-open Sunday (June 3rd) for U-Pick at 8:00 am, you might want to call us on Saturday (269-244-5690) or check this website for an update on the picking conditions.  http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/

Picked Strawberries:  We have picked berries available on the market for $3.00 a quart, $22 for an 8-quart flat or $40 for a 16-quart case, when ordered in advance or available.

How long will strawberries last?  We really wish we had a good answer but of course it will depend on the weather.  Remember we do have a smaller crop this year having lost some to the early frost and thru some irrigation issues, but we hope to have them through at least June 10th or so.

 Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cucumbers are still coming on from the greenhouse.   While we have a good supply of tomatoes daily, our cucumbers usually sell out in a couple of hours, so if you really want some, call ahead and we can save them for you.

Since it has been a while since we have shown you what is going on inside the greenhouse, I took a picture of my Dad next to our tomato plants which are now about 7 feet tall.  Also, here’s a picture of how many tomatoes there are on each plant.  We are so thankful that my Dad has the “greenhouse magic touch.”  He is there at at 6:30 am every morning ensuring the plants have the proper nutrients and moisture.  We are all still learning from “the master” when it comes to managing the greenhouse.

Dayton Hubbard in the greenhouse on May 28, 2012

A beautiful fruit set on the tomato plants














The Brandy House will be open this weekend, Saturday from 1 – 4.   We really appreciate the many people who came out last weekend.  Sunday evening after our long, busy Memorial Day weekend, Bruce brought my Dad and I a drink he created which hit the spot.  The base was apple brandy, along with some cherry, peach and apricot brandy, maple syrup, grapefruit juice and bitters.  Be sure to ask him for the exact recipe.

Baked  goods will be available all weekend, remember you can buy home-made old fashioned short bread to go with your strawberries.

As always, thanks for buying local.  We hope to see you soon.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards