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Mid June Update and Happy Father’s Day

Here we find ourselves already in the middle of June.

Sweet Cherries:  We have now picked all of the black sweet cherries,  we have several hundred pounds left and then they will be gone for the year.  The last picking was just beautiful, so hurry out to get some.    We hope to have them most of the weekend.      The U-Pick Sweet cherries are essentially gone also, there are just a few trees of yellow sweet cherries that can be picked, but be aware that the cherries left are way up in the tops of the 20 foot plus trees.    Despite the frost damage, our sweet cherry crop was one of the nicest we have had in many years.   Thanks to all of our customers who came out to pick or buy some.  Also thanks to my son Jay for trying a different spraying technique this spring on the cherry trees which helped to make them so nice.  And… a big thanks to our crew who picked them at the tops of those very tall trees.

Sour (Tart) Cherries:   As you know, we had a very small crop due to the frost.  There are only a few more left out on the trees, you will need a ladder to pick them.  But…..if you are determined to make a pie, you could probably get enough for that with a little work.

Strawberries:  We talked the crew into trying to pick a few more before we “put the field away” for the year.  So they will be picking on Friday morning, the berries won’t be large, but they will be fresh and incredibly sweet.  Call first to see if we have any left before you come out.  269-244-5690.

Vegetables:  Our summer vegetables are just starting to come in, we are trying to pick peas, kale, lettuce and broccoli daily.  Other types coming in about ten days.

Father’s Day Ideas:  Our bakers will be bringing a special treat for Father’s Day: their famous cinnamon rolls, but this time with maple frosting sprinkled with candied bacon.  Another idea is to bring Dad out for brandy tasting on Saturday from 1 – 4.  Our brandy maker Bruce, being a father and grandfather himself, will be happy to help with suggestions on what to pair with our brandy and brandy infusions.

So….Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers.  A special wish for my own father, still active on the farm, who started Corey Lake Orchards 51 years ago.  We all appreciate what he created which allows the the 2nd and 3rd generation of family, workers and customers to continue to enjoy it.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards