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Sweet Corn is back and we have Fruit!!

Sweet corn is back and we should have it daily now.  It is the bi-color sweet corn from the Stear’s Farm in Constantine.  The corn picked and delivered today looks beautiful! Monthly Yoon Jong-shin download!

Much to our surprise, we discovered the cantaloupe were ready today.   So we will be bringing these in daily now as they ripen.  They are incredibly sweet this year (thanks to the dry conditions—see there is some good to no rain.)

We also have started picking some summer apples.  These are for pies, sauce and eating—they are a tart apple.  We have Jersey Mac’s and Earli-Blaze and are selling them in 2-quart boxes.  We will have Earli-blaze for sale by the bushel in about one more week 라인 쿠키런 다운로드.

Blueberries:  Just when we had given up on our blueberries, the last few rains have renewed them so we are picking a few more over the next few days sp3.

Tomatoes:  Our field tomatoes are coming in more plentiful each day, so soon we will stop picking the greenhouse tomatoes.  It sure has been nice to have had those since April though, hasn’t it??  We will let you know when the field tomatoes are ready for U-Pick.  It will be several more weeks at least 코어 고딕 다운로드.

Given the weather and the nature of produce, things are constantly changing.  So always feel free to give us a call before you drive out to make sure we have what you are looking for.  269-244-5690 Download the Collus player.

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards