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Apple Update for 2012

We hope this information below will be helpful.  Please continue to check our website for the latest apple information, the chart you find at the end of this message will be kept updated.

Our goal this apple season is to satisfy as many customers as we can with fresh quality apples at a reasonable price.  That’s our goal, but it is a challenge.  Due to Michigan’s extreme spring weather, we don’t have a robust crop.

All apple varieties suffered from the frost.  Based on when each variety bloomed determined how extensive the damage was.   Thus, there are some varieties where we don’t have any apples on the tree (Northern Spies) to some varieties with 25 to 75% percent of our normal crop.  Some of the apples have scars, marks or are misshapen from where the frost touched the apple.    You will find some of these in your bags, they only are on the skin and do not affect the apple.  The worst of these apples will be sorted out and used in cider, brandy and pies!

An example of frost damage to one of our apple trees, the frost hit every part of the tree except for one branch.

Sadly we will not be able to offer U-Pick due to the smaller apple crop.  We know this is a favorite for many customers and we are sorry it isn’t possible this year.

We apologize, but we cannot take advance orders.    Until the apples are picked, sorted, and safely out of storms, we simply don’t know how many we will have.    However, if we have what you want in the market when you call, we are happy to save it for you to pick up.  We appreciate your understanding of this.

When each apple variety is available on the market, we will send that information out in an email and post it on our website.  You can also call us at 269-244-5690.

Below is a list of what apples we will have, when we think they will be ready and whether we will have enough to sell by the bushel.    Note, this is our best guess, we know all too well from this year how much the weather could change this.  We will be happy to help you when you call or stop at the market to recommend other apples you can try in place of ones we don’t have this year.    Who knows, you might learn to like a different apple better than one you have loved for years!!

On a personal note, when I walk through the apple orchards this year, it is hard to believe that just last year we had so many Red Delicious apples we sold them at roll-back pricing of $5 a bushel—bag your own!  That was a lot of fun and we hope to do things like that again in future years.

We greatly appreciate the loyalty of our customers and hope you will be loyal in both years of bumper crops and years like 2012, a year of challenge.  Let’s all hope for a better 2013.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Variety Ripening estimate Bushel Availability* Good Substitute
Braeburn Gone for the year No No good substitute
Cameo Ready now Yes
Cortland Gone for the year
Earli Blaze Gone for the year
Fuji Ready Now Yes
Gala Gone for the year
Golden Delicious Ready now Out of bushels
Golden Supreme Ready now No Golden Delicious
Honey Crisp Ready now No No good substitute
Ida Red Gone for the year No good substitute
Jona Mac Gone for the year
JonaGold Gone for the Year
Jonathon Gone for the Year
Macintosh Gone for the Year
Molly’s Del Gone for the Year No good substitute
Mutsu Gone for the year
Northern Spy None available None Cortland
Nu-Red Gone for the year No good substitute
Pink Lady Ready now Yes No good substitute
Red Delicious Ready Now Yes
Rome Ready Now Yes
*No bushels, available by the peck and possibly some half bushels