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Monthly Archive: August 2012

Fruit and Vegetable Update for the beginning of August

As summer continues, we want to remind you that everything is continuing to ripen earlier than normal  and with the hot dry summer– not staying long.  Our fruit crops are running several weeks early and our summer vegetables, usually peaking now, have already peaked and will be finishing early.   Keep this in mind as we don’t want you to miss some of your favorite fruits and vegetables.  The vegetables we still have are:  zucchini, yellow squash,spaghetti squash, cucumbers, red potatoes, peppers, eggplant, sweet corn, onions and green beans 앤트맨 자막 다운로드.

Peaches:  Our new peach orchard (those small 2 year old trees along Corey Lake Road) is pleasantly surprising us with a better yield than expected.    We have small boxes available: $3.50/quart (2 pounds) or $6.00 for 2-quarts (4 pounds) daily.  On days where we pick a lot, we are selling them by the peck (1/4 of a bushel).  We still don’t have enough to sell by the bushel, but you may buy up to 8 pecks at a time (2 bushel).   This week we still have some Red Havens for $10 a peck.  We have started picking a new variety called Coral Star.  These are freestone, larger than the Red Haven and are $12 a peck when available.  Not only are our peaches beautiful this year, they are very sweet due to the dry conditions.    If you call the market and we have peaches on hand that day, we are happy to hold them for you.  269-244-5690 Download The Animal Forest to hang out into town. We are expecting to pick a  good share of our peach crop within this next week and then we will have only 2 more later varieties to come.

My niece Amber visiting from Florida and thoroughly enjoying a fresh peach

Our 2nd year trees with beautiful Coral Star peaches







Vegetables by the bushel:    Our green beans are flourishing with the recent rains, they are $25/bushel when ordered in advance.  We have plenty of green peppers and they are available at $15.00 a bushel when ordered in advance.  Call 269-244-5690 KaliLinux Metaspflow.

Picked Tomatoes:   Finally, more of our field tomatoes are ripening.    If you want picked tomatoes, please call us at 269-244-5690 to get on our list.  We offer “first quality” tomatoes at $28 a bushel or “seconds” at $15.00.   Our “seconds” are great for making sauce, salsa or juice.  They just have a few blemishes/spots on them that you need to cut out White Day Mobile Download.

U-Pick Tomatoes:  Due to the high volume of customers who want to pick tomatoes this year, we have decided to start the year by scheduling customers in to pick.   This allows us to make sure that when you come there are enough tomatoes to pick.    So please call the market to get on our “U-Pick tomato” list.  Give us your name, phone number and how many you would like to pick.  We will start calling customers back and letting you know when you can pick.  Hopefully by the end of August  we will have enough tomatoes so  we don’t need to schedule anymore 라데온 카탈리스트 다운로드. U-Pick tomatoes will be $14 a bushel.  We thank you in advance for working with us as we try this new scheduling system in hopes that we can give you a better picking experience.  We will be starting to call customers this week to pick tomatoes 달빛조각사 46권 텍본 다운로드.

Tomatoes ripening in the U-PIck tomato field, 8-7-12

Watermelon:  Our own home-grown seeded watermelon is finally ready.  We have the round Crimson Sweet and the long-striped Charleston Grey.  We are still bringing in cantaloupe daily 트와일라잇1 다운로드.

Summer Apples:  We will be harvesting the rest of our Earli-blaze apples within a week.  If you would like to get some of these, please call the market (269-255-5690) to give us your name, number and how many bushel.  This is probably the best summer apple we grow.  It is tart, good for eating or for apple sauce and pies.    Since we had a good crop of these, we are offering them at $20/bushel Download amd driver.

Onion bags:  As our sweet onions dry, we are bagging them in 8-pound mesh bags.  The white and yellow onions sell for $7.50/bag and the red onions sell for $9.00 a bag r Program download.

Baked Goods:  We offer baked goods on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This week our bakers will be bringing a new pie called “Berry Peachy.”  It combines our blueberries and peaches together…..you’ll want to try this one 폭스콘 바이오스 다운로드!

Bartlett Pears:  We have about 10 percent of our normal pear crop and we will be harvesting them within the next week.   We currently have them for sale on the market in small quantities of $3.50 quart (2 pounds) or $6 for a 2-quart (4 pounds) and a $10.00 peck (1/4 of a bushel).   If you want bushels of pears for canning, please call and give us your name, phone number and how many bushel you would like to have.   (269-244-5690)  We can’t make any promises until we finish picking and see how many bushels are available.  They will be $36/bushel and we may have to limit customers to a few bushels to allow as many as possible to get pears.

U-Pick Grapes:  We are going to have a good crop of blue Concord and white Niagara grapes this year.  We anticipate them being ready around September 10th.     This year we are expanding the amount of U-Pick concord vineyards available to ensure we have enough for all that want to pick.   Please call us the week of August 27th for more information on our opening date or check the website.   We want to make sure the grapes are ripe before we open and that will depend on the weather for the next few weeks.   The pricing will be the same as last year:  25 cents/pound or 20 cents/pound if you pick over 100 pounds.

Fall Apples:  As you know we have a very limited apple crop this year due to the April frost and freeze.      We have about 25% of our normal crop and we feel fortunate to have that many knowing how other growers were more severely impacted and have none.  Sadly, we must inform you that we will not have U-Pick apples this year due to the light crop.  We know how much our customers enjoy this annual experience and we love having you.  We will have limited amounts of picked apples for sale as they ripen.  Within the next few weeks we hope to give you more information about what varieties we will have available and estimates on when they will be ready. We appreciate your support and understanding and let’s all hope for a better year in 2013.

Thanks as always for buying local.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Happy August

Fruit Update:  We are continuing to bring in beautiful (and very sweet) melons everyday.  Given the heat, these will be done for the year before any of us are ready.  So get them now.    We currently have two good summer apples:  Jersey Mac and Earli-blaze iFill Pretty subtitles.  We have samples available to try.  They are good for pies, sauce and for fresh eating.    Peaches:  We are trying to pick peaches every day and are currently bringing in Red Havens.  Since we do not have a lot of peaches, we are selling them in small quantities (by the quart) so that everyone can have a few to eat.  We never know how many we are going to bring in every day, part of the problem is our on-going contest  with the raccoons who are eating more than we bring in Download the cannibal application. We are sorry they sell out early, but if we have them in the market and you call us we will be happy to save them for you until you can get over later that day Grizaia's Negligence.

One of our new 2nd year peach trees “straining” to carry the weight of the fruit!

Sweet Corn:  We have a good news story about sweet corn finally.  After the first 3 plantings were all eaten by the raccoons, we finally were able to pick some of the 4th planting today.  So this weekend we can offer you corn grown here (it is Sweet Ice and very tender kernels) or Stears Corn which we have had for the last few weeks, which has larger kernels.  Since everyone likes their corn different, we should be able to satisfy everyone! ms visio!

Tomatoes:  We are picking field tomatoes daily but are still continuing to have problems getting them to ripen.  Unfortunately we are losing many each day to the birds and raccoons Fortress Blue download.    So we still do not know when we will have enough to open for U-Pick, so keep checking back with us.  If you want picked tomatoes by the bushel, please call and get on our list.  We often have “2nds” of tomatoes which are great for making salsa or juice if you want to be on our list for those movie re-review. 269-244-5690.

Baked Goods:  This weekend we will have fresh peach and fresh apple pie:  Both made with fruit picked fresh here from our farm.  These would be my recommendations for pies this weekend.  Reminder we have baked goods on Friday, Saturday and Sundays Download batting practice.

Brandy Tours and Tasting:  Our brandymaker Bruce will not be able to be here this weekend so if you can postpone to another weekend, you will get a far better experience when he is here.  If you can’t postpone, we will be open for tasting and tours on Saturday from 1 – 4 and will do our best without Bruce our app!

Reflections on farming…..this continues to be a tough year with the spring freeze, the summer heat and drought.  Now, one of the most disheartening things is going out to harvest our crops each morning and finding such extensive animal damage from deer, birds, raccoons and groundhogs.  Our philosophy over the years has always been plant a little extra, knowing we will end up sharing some with them, but this year, as they forage for food left scarce by the difficult weather conditions, they are taking 50 to 75 percent of some of our crops (only the ones they like of course, mostly fruit!!)   This morning we found every red tomato on one entire row of plants had a bird peck in it (at least 100 plants in the row) .    I wanted to sit down in the middle of the tomato field and cry 리눅스 git 다운로드.

After we closed tonight, I was watering my flower garden, feeling discouraged about how limp and tired the flowers looked after being in the sweltering heat all day when I saw a movement.    In my zinnia row I found a rabbit’s nest with 3 bunnies.  I have to admit, it brought a smile to my face and I found it very difficult to get upset with these adorable little creatures, even though I know they are eating my flowers!  So while I didn’t plant extra for them, I will try to share.  I do feel fortunate to have a job where I can be close to nature daily and the bunnies reminded me that we somehow have to co-exist.  Hope to see you soon and watch out for the bunnies! Sims 4!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards

Bunny in my cutting garden 8-2-12

Bunny in cutting garden 8-2-12