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Update on grapes, apples and Labor Day weekend

Thanks to everyone that has inquired as to whether everything is okay here at Corey Lake Orchards because we didn’t sent out an email last week!!  Everything is fine, we didn’t have many updates and we are busy preparing for our fall harvests as you will see below.   Thanks for the feedback that you missed hearing from us 카카오톡 인앱브라우저 파일 다운로드!

Labor Day is a transition for many as schools restart, summer cottage weekends become fewer and usually (but not this year!) cooler weather begins…..at the orchard it means the end of summer vegetables and our market beginning to fill up with apples, winter squash, grapes, winter pears, mums and even pumpkins are ready!  Due to the weather extremes this year, you will find our market this weekend overflowing with fresh produce as we still have all the summer vegetables but our fall apple harvest has already begun.     This is the last weekend we will have sweet corn for the year 웹사이트 소스 다운로드.

Apple Cider:  With the apples being early, we are hoping to make cider for Labor Day weekend, a first for us to have it so early! Abbyy finereader 11!

Baked Goods:  Labor Day weekend will be the last weekend for bread, cinnamon rolls, and apple pie.  Our bakers are transitioning into their fall baking so they can make their famous apple dumplings.  Also, instead of berry peachy pie, they will be bringing back strawberry rhubarb pie.  Baked goods will be available Friday through Monday (9-3) this weekend due to the holiday.   If you want to make sure to get the pie of your choice, feel free to call ahead and place an order, 269-244-5690.  This will be especially helpful if you want to pick up baked goods for Monday new song from Kumyoung Karaoke.

U-Pick grapes:

  1. We will officially open for picking both White Niagara and Blue Concords on Sunday, September 9th epub book.
  2. Picking hours:  Our picking hours are 8 am to 7 pm, we ask that you be finished and checked out by 7 솔약국집 아들들 다운로드.
  3. Pricing:  They are 25 cents/pound to pick or if you pick over 100 pounds, they are 20 cents/pound.    A 5 gallon pail, filled to the top weighs approximately 20 pounds.  If you pick over 100 pounds of grapes, that is $4 a pail, (20 cents lb)  if you pick less than 100 pounds, it is $5 (25 cents lb).  A 5 gallon pail is also equivalent to a half bushel rtmp mp4.
  4. When you come to pick grapes, please bring the following if you have them:
  • Five gallon plastic pails to pick in, this is how we measure how much you pick instead of having to weigh them all.   If you don’t have these, you can borrow ours, but bring containers to take them home in.  You can also purchase pails from us for $4.00 Exo likedownload.
  • Scissors or clippers to cut them with.
  • Small wagons to help you get them out of the vineyard (our rows are very long!)
  • How is the crop and how long will the grapes last 견적서양식 다운로드?   We have around 50 acres of grapes for U-Pick this year and hope they will last 2 – 3 weeks once we open.  That depends of course on the weather and how many customers we have.   We have many blocks of Concord available but fewer white Niagara.  We did suffer some frost damage (10 to 15%) and our picking will be about the same as it has been the last several years (so not a bumper crop but still good picking in most locations.)

Apple Update:  We still have the following varieties for sale in the market:

  • Honeycrisp
  • Gala
  • Jon-a-Mac
  • Molly’s Delicious

Today we picked these additional varieties and now have them for sale

  • JonaGold
  • Cortland
  • Nu-Red

Please note that apples are coming in earlier than we estimated due to the 90 degree days we have had and the ones coming up.  We will continue to update our estimate chart but please continue to check the website http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/2012/08/apple-update-for-2012/for the latest information or call us a 269-244-5690.  We have a small crop of apples so they are going off the shelves quickly.  If you call us and we have the variety you want, we are happy to save them for you 위컴알 다운로드.

Dayton Hubbard and grandson Jay bringing in a load of apples from the orchard 8-28-12

On a personal note, this Labor Day will mark the 7th anniversary of the passing of my mother, Allene Hubbard, who along with my father, started and created this wonderful place called Corey Lake Orchards.    Her presence continues to be felt by the family, employees and our long-term loyal customers.  All of us here at Corey Lake Orchards strive daily to continue the legacy she started.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards wishes you a good Labor Day weekend



  1. Edna Shetler

    Love your place and your friendly attitudes. I’ve been coming to pick grapes for a number of years. Sorry about your mother passing away, but thank God for GOOD mothers!

  2. Edna Shetler

    I love you place and your friendly attitudes! My girls, grnadkids and myself have been coming for a number of years for grapes. it’s always fun. Sorry about your mother, but thank God for good mothers that left us a positive legacy! God bless you and your business.

  3. Marion Nisley

    Do you still have pears available. How much are they for a bushel.

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