12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

Yes!! We have apple cider!!

짱구 쿵후 보이즈 다운로드

We were successful today in making our first pressing of fresh apple cider for 2012.  We used a  blend of JonaMac, Cortland, Gala, Molly’s Delicious, Earliblaze and Honeycrisp.   Our great cider making crew gave me the first cup off the press, I shared it with my Dad and we were both delighted with the taste and gave it high marks!  We will have it available for sale until this batch runs out.  We will probably not press cider again until the following weekend given the apple shortage this year.  So, always best to call ahead to make sure we have it before you drive out.  269-244-5690 동사무소 다운로드.

Quick apple update:  We are currently sold out of Cortland bushels and plan to pick more next week sometime,  when more are ready.  Also, we have already picked about half of our Honeycrisp crop and have only a few bags left to sell this weekend.  We have just a few pecks left of Macintosh and Molly’s Delicious and they will be gone for the year.  Then we will be out until trees in another orchard ripen.  Given the small crop of apples we have, please call ahead to make sure we have what you want.  269-244-5690 Download The Conan Disappearance.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards