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Monthly Archive: November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish all of you a great Thanksgiving and to simply say, thank you.  We are grateful for your business and the support you have given us during this very difficult year of weather-related impacts.  We really miss seeing all of you Download the 21st Century Wizard.

So just a few updates as to what has been going on since we closed about a month ago.  First, I took a very much needed vacation to Minnesota for some serious antique shopping  (wait till you see my new “old” things on the market next year!)  I also stopped at a few orchards, where I went into “sticker shock” over their cider pricing.  I would like to tell you that I tried it, but at $2.75/cup for a sample ($12.99/gallon) I skipped it!!  Minnesota is where they developed the Honeycrisp apple, so I did do some sampling of some of the new strains to ponder for our own future orchard plantings 2017 트로트.

A Wedding in the family….  We are delighted to announce that Jay and Michaela got married November 3rd in a private ceremony.  Most of you have seen glimpses of Jay working on the farm–usually on a fast-moving tractor (he is my oldest son who has been part of the farm operations for years) and most of you know Michaela as she has worked on the farm market now for several years, but more importantly is the baker of all the wonderful baked goods you get here.  Yes, we now have the baker officially in the family!!  Congratulations to both of them and we are happy they are part of our farm family 코모도 다운로드.

Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner: You may recall our contest of using one of our “drought” pumpkins with the irrigation lines and sending in your pictures.  It was easy to choose the winner as we only had one entry.  Unfortunately, we cannot award the prize (boo-hoo) since the winner is part of the Corey Lake Orchards family, yes, Jay and Michaela used the irrigation lines to carve their initials! 소설 태백산맥 다운로드!

Brandy: We now have brandy available for sale again.  Jay has been busy distilling since we closed and has made apple, pear and grape brandy Smart long-term care download.   Not all of it can be bottled yet, but we have Concord grape,  pear and cherry brandy for sale.   We also have all four flavors of our Polecat wine available again (juice infused with brandy).  Many of you have been asking since you wanted some for holiday gifts.  If you are interested in purchasing some,  please make an appointment with us by calling  269-244-5690 Offline Bible download.

We are also happy to report that our brandy-maker Bruce is out of the hospital, continuing to recover at home, and has made several trips down to the distillery to check on Jay’s work.  Welcome home, Bruce.  And our thanks to Jay and some of the MSU Distillery staff for helping us while Bruce was off blender 3d.

Winter work:  If you have driven by, you have seen us working in the orchards and the vineyards.  The apple orchards are all trimmed for the year and we are now tackling the labor intensive task of trimming the grapevines.   This will take about 5 months.  There is never a true down-time on this farm, but we are surely enjoying the slower pace and the beautiful weather as we work outdoors global ime 다운로드.

Happy Thanksgiving from Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards