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Monthly Archive: February 2013

Tomato plants are in the greenhouse and please take our survey if you haven’t yet….

With the wind and snow whipping on Tuesday, a small crew was happy to work in the balmy greenhouse to transplant 912 tomato plants into their pot-bags Persona 4.

Dad helping to fill pots with dirt–2-19-13

912 tomato plants growing in preparation for your first BLT of the year!







As the bitter cold and snow continued into Wednesday, we wondered how we had managed to pick the coldest week of the year to do this—causing several of us to worry through the nights.  Our greenhouse alarm system can call up to 3 people if the temperature drops below 45 degrees or the power goes out.  It calls my son Jay first, the second call goes to me, and we don’t have a third person—so if any of you would like to be that third person to get a call—we’ll be happy to sign you up to share in our worry! 전자책 epub 다운로드!

Unfortunately–the call came last night when one of our furnaces went down (permanently).  So many thanks to Jay who was up through the night, putting a back up heat source in place, and helping to install a new furnace this morning with the very responsive crew from Stear’s Heating and Air Conditioning 천지창조 다운로드.

Jay guiding the crew with the new furnace

Still loving the snow!  Sorry to those of you who would like spring to get here quick–our orchards and vineyards are loving this extra snow–seeming quite content to remain dormant and hope that spring will arrive at the normal time this year illustration program.

Denim loves the snow too!

Many thanks to all of you who completed our survey,  we really appreciate your feedback.  If you have not had a chance to take our survey yet, we are giving you another opportunity before we complete the results next week new world subtitles.   Simply click on this link which will take you to the post that has the survey on the website Keep download.

Enjoy the snow!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards



Please try our survey again!!

We do apologize for the technical issues we encountered when we sent out our survey last week.  We would like to ask for your help in trying it again 레이스 게임 다운로드.

After consulting with our support team,  the easiest approach will be for you to simply click on this link.   This will take you to the first post and allow you to complete the survey right on the website.  This time you should be able to actually click the boxes, type answers in the text box, and submit it! download android auto apk!

Some of you went directly to our website and put in your answers there which worked fine.  We still have your answers and are all set, so you do not need to re-do it.    If you are not sure, just go ahead and input your answers again fr configurator 다운로드.

Thanks again, we appreciate your patience and look forward to getting your input.  I am just returning from a 3 day fruit tree class I have been at this week in Grand Rapids.  My head hurts from learning so much! e-mart font!


Oops–Sorry that the survey is not working for everyone…

Thanks to everyone who tried to answer our survey and sent us messages of “It’s not working.”  So, I guess we have to admit that our technical skills in this area are lacking and we better go back to doing what we know how to do and call in the experts!  If you were going to do the survey, please wait until we figure it out and we will re-send it when we are sure it can work for everyone Gears2 3g.

Meanwhile, I’ll use this opportunity space to give you an update and a few pictures.   We are thrilled that it is truly winter—the cold and the snow is exactly what our orchards and vineyards need to go into their deep-dormant-winter’s sleep.  And while you may be tired of shoveling the snow, this amount of snow (and even more) is exactly what our soil needs to be replenished from last year’s drought new font.   Let’s just hope the weather in the months to come stays “normal.”

We are one week away from having all of our grapes pruned and a big thank you to the guys who have worked through some pretty rough winter days to get it done.     When it gets a little warmer (maybe March?) we will go back through the vineyards again to tie the grapevines to the trellis wires.  Maintaining our vineyards is the most labor intensive job on the farm, taking usually a total of 4 months 영화 박화영 다운로드.

We are starting the greenhouse up next week!  We are preparing the pots of dirt and expect to transplant our tomato plants next weekend.  So, that means you can plan on a good BLT in May 과학자의 서재 다운로드!

Our seeds are ordered and we have selected a great mix of apple trees to plant in a new U-Pick block this spring.   We are excited about that 샤이니 초연 다운로드.

We’ll hopefully be back to you soon with a working survey.  Thanks and enjoy the snow!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards

A quiet morning view looking out our window

The new peach orchard “resting” for the winter

Denim “patrolling” the sour cherry orchard




Happy Winter and we need your feedback, please!!

free angry birds

Wow, where did January go?  We hope you are having a good winter and staying healthy and warm.  Our trees and grapevines are loving the cold weather–finally getting that long winter’s rest they missed last year Genesis series.

We use some of our winter downtime to reflect and prepare for another year.  To that end, we would like to ask you to take part in our short survey below which will help us better understand how we can improve your experience with us here at Corey Lake Orchards.  It should take a few minutes of your time.  Thank you in advance completing our survey 아이언 스카이 다운로드.

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards