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Spring Greetings

In the last several weeks its seemed like I was the only person in Michigan who was  thrilled when it continued to snow.    We love that winter is hanging on just a little bit more.  This is such a stark difference from last year when we were already planting and starting to pick asparagus.    So far-so good this year and this little extra winter is allowing everything to come at its natural pace 세븐 데이즈 다운로드.

Denim clinging to the last bit of snow he found in some shade

The robins were back on time but didn’t seem happy with these last several weeks of winter….








Happenings on the farm:  The greenhouse tomatoes are thriving and blooming like crazy, the guys are just finishing up the grape trimming–only 8 rows left.  We trimmed the sweet cherry orchard and next week will be working on pruning the pears, sour cherries, peaches and blueberries.  We are beginning to plot out where everything will be planted for the year.  The UPS man seems to be here daily now with drop off of seeds, pots and farm supplies as we begin to ramp up for the season MovieMaker Windows 7 Download.

Dad making his morning check of the greenhouse tomatoes, 3-30-13

Who needs flowers for Easter when you can have a greenhouse full of tomato blossoms Editvoicepack? 3-30-13







After 5 months, the guys are finally on the last few rows for finishing the grape trimming Hunter Killer download. 3-30-13



Jay trimming in the old sweet cherry orchard








Update on local tomatoes:   A link is included here with an article about more local tomatoes which will be available in Michigan–also featuring out greenhouse.  Check it out xdelta3 다운로드!


Happy Spring to everyone!!  Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards