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Asparagus and Snow sightings!!

Asparagus sighting!  Denim and I walked back to check on the asparagus today after last night’s snow fall melted off.   We found a few spears trying to come through the earth.    And while Denim was excited to have snow again, the rest of us were certainly not!  With the below freezing temperatures expected the next several nights,  the asparagus just coming up will freeze (ruined) and we’ll have to wait for the next ones.   So….looking at the weather forecast, if we get some nice days next week, we could have asparagus in about another week.  We’ll send another email when we know more.

Rain….rain…..rain.   We are certainly getting caught up from last year’s drought, having gotten over 4 inches in just this last week.   Everything is ready to be planted except we can’t get into the fields.   My Dad and I have 6000 strawberry plants stuffed in our refrigerators to keep them dormant until we can plant.

Jay plowing the fields in preparation for planting






The crew laying plastic mulch in the field







Spreading straw on our new strawberry patch







Just a reminder that we have some plants available..…once we can start planting, hopefully this coming week, we will plant everything unless you have called or emailed us to save you something.

Call us at 269-244-5690 or email us if you would like to have us save some for you.  Please leave us your name, phone number, what you would like and how many.   We are not open yet for the year so we will get back to  you on when you can pick them up.

Available NOW: 

  1. Strawberry Plant varieties are:   Earliglow, AC Wendy,  Allstar, Mesabi, Darselect and Donna.  They are  50 cents per plant.   These are all June-bearing varieties that we have planted over the years at our farm.
  2. Onion Plant varieties (All sweet) are:  Candy (large yellow), Red Candy Apple (red medium sized onion),  Super Star (large white).    They are 5 cents per plant or bulb.
  3. Seed Potatoes--Red Norland:  These are 10 cents/potato.  This is the same kind that we have grown and sold here for years.

Coming soon:  In May we will have lots of other plants for sale for your gardens.  We are also putting some special plant baskets together for Mother’s Day—we’ll have that information out soon.

Happy Spring,

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards