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Memorial Day Weekend Update

Asparagus:  We still have asparagus coming on–since the quantity we pick daily depends on the weather, its always best to call when it cools off like it is supposed to this weekend to make sure we have it or place an order.    We think the asparagus will last through the month of May.

Rhubarb:  We have plenty of rhubarb, if you want to freeze it, please order larger quantities in advance, over ten pounds is $2 a pound.

We are slowly beginning to pick a few tomatoes and cucumbers out of the greenhouse.  This year we are raising a smaller size cucumber in the greenhouse in addition to the long ones we usually grow–try them, they are delicious!  It will take several weeks for there to be any quantity coming on so we tend to sell out quickly when we bring them in.   The cooler and longer spring has really held our greenhouse produce back.

Yeah–the first greenhouse tomatoes of the year–they even taste like tomatoes!

Memorial Day happenings:  Bruce will have the brandy house open for tours and tasting (sure to warm you up this cool weekend.) on Saturday from 1 – 4.  Our bakers will have their usual selections of home made pies, cookies and bread.    Since this is a holiday weekend, they will have peach pie (in short supply so available on holidays only) and will have red, white and blue cookies!  Baked goods will be available Friday thru the holiday on Monday.

Plants:  We still have tomato plants, herbs, flowers, squash, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe and pepper plants.  We hope to have cucumber plants by Monday, May 27th.    Plants are going fast so if you are just beginning your garden preparations,  you might want to come get your plants as we will not be getting any more in.  We still have a nice selection of hanging baskets and the large tomato plants for your porch or patio.

The 2013 fruit season:  We felt very blessed when we checked our fruit crops after  the May 12th frost.   While the frost did some damage to our fruit depending on the stage of bloom it was in, compared to the 2012 loss it was minimal.

Fruit Timing:   It looks like the fruit will come in at its normal season, unlike last year when it was 3 weeks early.   This means strawberries the first half of June and cherries toward the end of June, maybe even into July.  We hope to have some early strawberries to sell on the market around June 1 and U-Pick strawberries around June 8th?  We will give you an update in a week when we will know more.

Happenings on the farm:  True to farm life, we spent most of last week moving irrigation around the farm trying to keep our young crops growing and then this week, we find ourselves unable to get in the wet fields with the several days of rain!  The rain and the couple of 80 plus degree days really got things growing–including the weeds–so we have spent a lot of time this week trying to keep the weeds under control–a never ending task.

Irrigation change overs can be a thankless job–thanks Jay

This week we planted peppers, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, our U-Pick tomato field, pumpkins, squash, gladiolus, sunflowers and new this year:  sweet potatoes!    The flower cutting garden got put in adjacent to the market (there are extra flower plants available for sale if you want to do a small cutting garden.)  The orchards have  finished blooming, but the blueberries and strawberries are in full bloom, along with tiny grape clusters now in the vineyards.

Blueberries in bloom are exquisite


The strawberry field in full bloom and forming green berries

Little grape clusters forming

Happenings at the market:  Finally—we have all of our approvals in place and have started construction on a bakery!  We have been wanting to get this going now for several years and finally it is becoming a reality.  Thankfully we already have experienced bakers–Michaela and her mother Patti–who have been selling their baked goods here on weekends now for several years.  The bakery will allow us to expand our offerings to you in many ways—while continuing to provide baked goods that utilize the fruits and vegetables we grow here.  The bakery will be located at the market where  we are converting the cold storage room.  So we apologize in advance for some of the construction noise that will be going on for the next month.  When you are here, check out the weekly progress.   We hope to open by July 1.  In the upcoming email/posting updates–Michaela will be giving you more information on the bakery and all the exciting changes about to happen.  Stay tuned!

Pouring the cement floor for the bakery

Hope to see you soon and as always, thanks for buying local.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards