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Nothing like the first asparagus of the year….

I just finished eating my first asparagus of the year–and it was truly delicious.  I don’t know why the first asparagus of the year always tastes so good….is it because we are craving something fresh after the winter or maybe because we just love asparagus?  My favorite way to cook asparagus is to saute it in olive oil, add a little garlic salt and fresh pepper, and when it is tender—throw a handful of Parmesan cheese on top until it melts.  That for me is a complete meal–nothing else needed!

So what is the asparagus availability?  We did pick today but were sold out around noon.  It will take us a week or so, depending entirely on the weather, for the yield to improve.    On  “summer-like” spring days like today with 75 degrees, we will be able to pick daily.  If it cools off, we’ll pick every other day.

Also, we are in transition of moving out of an 18-year-old field (not very productive) to a new one planted last year (not in its peak production for another 3 years.)  All of these factors affect how much we have on hand to sell, so we do encourage you to call and place an order or call us before you come to make sure we have it on hand.  269-244-5690.    You can also get the latest info on availability by checking our facebook page.    We will post whether we are picking that day and also if we sell out.  If you haven’t, please join our Corey Lake Orchards facebook page.

Why does the asparagus look different this this year?  It is because for about a week, we will be picking in our new field which has two new varieties for us:

  1. Jersey Knight–which is traditional green asparagus but the spears are longer and fatter than the old variety we had.  Do not worry—even with the larger size–it is tender!
  2. Sweet Purple–this is a dark purple that is sweeter than standard green varieties.  The spears are large–but also very tender.   (This is what I had for dinner tonight!)

How long will the aparagus season last?  We hope to have it through the month of May–so about 4 weeks.  We are expecting a shorter season this year given that it started late.

Rhubarb:  We hope to have rhubarb available in about a week.

Please excuse our construction work going on at the market.  We are restoring the original wood barn siding and doing some concrete patching—it will be finished in a few weeks!

Thanks for buying local—and enjoy the asparagus while it is in season.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards