12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

4th of July Weekend Update

Well, a little hot and humid weather and we are back with blueberries again!


Blueberries ready for U-Pick, 7-6-13

Picked Blueberries:  Available now in the market for $3.00 pint and $5.00 quart.  Larger quantities (5 and 10 pound boxes) are available most of the time.  But, call ahead to make sure we have them or call and order them in advance just to be sure.  (269-244-5690) safari pdf.

U-Pick Blueberries: Given the number of requests for people who want to pick their own blueberries, particularly for those wanting a family farm experience, we are going to  open a section of our field for U-Pick this year.  We will open for U-Pick on Sunday, July 7th. 

  • The hours for U-Pick will be 8 am until 11 am on weekdays and 8 until noon on weekends quote for free.
  • Pricing will be $2.00 a pound to pick
  • We expect them to last through most of the month of July
  • We will provide you buckets to pick in, but please bring your own containers to take them home in 아기코끼리 덤보 다운로드.
  • In order to have enough for everyone, we are going to set a 10- pound limit per group picking, unless we end up with extras on some days.
  • We hope to be open daily, but if the field gets picked out, we may have to close for ripening, so please call ahead to make sure we are open for picking before you come.  269-244-5690 Sylvie 1.21.
  • Given the amount of rain we have had plus irrigation, the field is sometimes muddy, please wear old shoes or bring boots!

Our new parking lot is ready for use 프리미어 프로 2018 다운로드!

You can now park in our new parking lot

  • Thanks to the local Roberts Excavating company, our new parking lot is now ready for you to park in.  In fact, we need your help to compact it in order for us to complete the additional steps of gravel, then cement Kingsman 1.
  • We recognize that parking on our hilly driveway has been a challenge for a lot of years, especially when we are busy.     Our parking lot will hopefully make it easier to find parking, improve on the congestion when we are busy and most important, make parking safer for everyone 클래시 로얄 버그판 다운로드.
  • Please help us by parking in the new lot and leaving the spots closest to the market for those who need to park close by for whatever reason.   We understand that some folks just can’t make the trek up the hill or you have someone in the car you want to keep a close eye on.   Please keep the spot marked at the side of the market open for handicapped parking.  Thanks c# internet files!

Cut Flowers are now available.  We started picking them this weekend and we will have them on the market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.    If you need one on a weekday we can usually try to cut them for you.  Make up your own bouquet for $3.00 old version of White Day.

Greenhouse update:  It’s been a while since we let you “peek” inside the greenhouse.    So enjoy the view of our tomatoes and cucumbers growing.  We hope that field tomatoes and cucumbers will be coming on in the next several weeks and then we will be phasing the greenhouse produce out.     We are also picking green tomatoes now for those who have been waiting for fried green tomatoes 자바 파일 여러개 다운로드!

Tomatoes growing in the greenhouse

Cucumbers growing in the greenhouse








We hope you have all had an enjoyable 4th of July week, we thank all of you who have come out over this past week for buying local.  Hope to see you again soon.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards