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A Hot Mid July Update….

The Heat and a thank you.  Here’s hoping that by the time many of you are reading this the hot weather spell has broken.   Needless to say, weeks like this cause all kinds of havoc with our crops….accelerating growth and ripening and a whole list of other issues.  A big thank you goes to all of our employees; those who have continued their work in the fields and orchards to pick produce and those who have worked on the market during these hot days.   And thanks to the customers who endured the heat to come out and get fresh produce this week 카드캡터체리 다운로드.

So….because of the heat, we need your help with green beans.  All of our plantings (spaced over a week apart) have come on at the same time.    The green beans are beautiful–please come buy some.  If you are planning to can or freeze beans this year, this is the time as we have them available by the half bushel or bushel–which is the most economical way to buy them.    Please call us at 269-244-5690 and let us know how many you would like us to reserve for you 홍콩지도 다운로드.

Today’s green bean picking!

The heat wave has helped more vegetables to come on so we currently have:  green beans, kale, swiss chard, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow summer squash, cabbage, peppers, peas, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and radishes.   These are picked daily, for best selection and availability–shop early.  We have fresh herbs available to pick, just bring your recipe and snip what you need Fixer.

A note to bring closure to last week’s plea to buy swiss chard–thank you–we sold out each day last weekend and had to pick more!  For those who tried it  for the first time, let us know how you liked it Sun Bread Download.

Yellow summer squash blooming and forming squash

Cut Flowers are in full bloom, we cut them for sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Bring your vase or arrange a bouquet and take home in a plastic bag or cup.  The heat has the sunflowers popping open and today I saw some gladiolus ready in the field.  Also, our flower beds and potted arrangements by the market are in peak bloom–a huge thanks to Cathy who designs and maintains these lovely beds and planters every year 휴대용 프레지 다운로드.

We are digging our tasty red potatoes now.  This year we also have white potatoes and Yukon gold.

Picked Blueberries:  Available now in the market for $3.00 pint and $5.00 quart.  Larger quantities (5 and 10 pound boxes) are available most of the time.  But, call ahead to make sure we have them or call and order them in advance just to be sure.  (269-244-5690) Download the AutoCad map.

U-Pick Blueberries:  The hours for U-Pick will be 8 am until 11 am on weekdays and 8 until noon on weekends. Pricing will be $2.00 a pound to pick.  We expect them to last through most of the month of July.  We hope to be open daily, but if the field gets picked out, we may have to close for ripening, so please call ahead to make sure we are open for picking before you come or check our website for the latest updated information 대니 보이 다운로드.  269-244-5690.

What’s coming?  We hope to have sweet corn, possibly some on Saturday.  If not then, it will only be a few more days.   Everyone is ready for peaches….but they need several more weeks.  Field tomatoes:  we are picking some cherry and grape tomatoes, but field tomatoes are still several weeks away Farm Master2.

The brandy house will be open on Saturday from 1 – 4, you must try our new strawberry brandy.

Baked Goods will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.    In addition to the normal pies, breads, cookies and cinnamon rolls, the bakers are making the most of fresh blueberries and will have blueberry muffins and of course–fresh blueberry pie.   Also, my favorite will start this weekend:  zucchini-chocolate chip cookies md5.

Bakery Update:  Lots of progress was made in the bakery this week, we are in the final stages of completion now.  We are anxious to be done and getting excited about opening.  While we wish we could give you an opening date, we still can’t.  We have 6 inspections at township, county and state levels to pass in order to receive our licensing required to open.    We will begin the inspections next week and will keep you updated on our progress Jenkins, Nexus download.

Happenings on the farm this week.  This week was one of picking, weeding and watering, and due to the heat–not much else unless it was essential.   There was a lot of triage work going on to prioritize work that helped get water and air flow to vegetation to minimize mold, rot and plant diseases which come easily with this high humidity.

A small event happened on the farm on Tuesday,  it was my birthday and I had asked my family, friends and employees to keep it very low key as who celebrates these any more at my age.  Much to my surprise, I saw a truck parked in the market from the Flame Tamer Fire Protection Company out of Paw Paw.  So while some thought they were here to help put out the candles on my cake, they were really here to install the fire suppression system which is required in our bakery.  It did make for a good laugh and a great picture of me posing with the lovely cupcakes that Michaela baked for me (and Jay helped her decorate).   Thank you to my employees, friends and family for your wishes, hugs, great gifts and food.   Thanks for covering everything while I took two days off, went to Lake Michigan to rest, relax and recharge for the busy months ahead.

Celebrating my birthday with help from employees, friends, family and the Flame Tamer Fire Protection company!

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local.