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Monthly Archive: July 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Here’s a brief update to let you know that Yes, we are open on 4th of July, our usual hours of 8 until 6.  So we’d love to see you at the market.  We have many vegetables coming in now.   Fresh made baked goods are available all week as well movie perfume.

U-Pick Sweet and Sour Cherries:  We still have both kinds of cherries to pick, however, what is left is in the tops of the trees now, requiring you to bring a tall ladder 파워디렉터 15 무료 다운로드. Call 269-244-5690 for more information.

Picked Sweet Cherries:  We are finished picking sweet cherries now for the year.

Picked Sour Cherries:  We have picked tart cherries on the market for $3/quart.   Due to our small crop, we are bringing in tart cherries next week from another local farm.  If you want larger quantities, please call the market and place your order.  We expect to get them around July 9th.  Please call us at 269-244-5690 for more information and to place an order Hangouts download.

Blueberries:  We are supplementing our blueberries again this year from another local source.  We now have 5-pound ($13.50) and 10-pound ($25.00) boxes available.  If you could call and order these boxes in advance it would be greatly appreciated 신서유기7 5화 다운로드. (269-24-5690)

U-Pick Blueberries: Given the number of requests for people who want to pick their own blueberries, particularly for those wanting a family farm experience, we are going to  open a section of our field for U-Pick this year.  We will open for U-Pick on Friday, July 5th php curl 이미지 다운로드.

  • The hours for U-Pick will be 8 am until 11 am on weekdays and 8 until noon on weekends.
  • Pricing will be $2.00 a pound to pick
  • We expect them to last through most of the month of July
  • We will provide you buckets to pick in, but please bring your own containers to take them home in geometry dash apk 드롭 박스 다운로드.
  • In order to have enough for everyone, we are going to set a 10- pound limit per group picking, unless we end up with extras on some days.
  • We will open daily, but if the field gets picked out, we may have to close for ripening, so please call ahead to make sure we are open for picking before you come.  269-244-5690 Go to the sheet music download.
  • Given the amount of rain we have had, the field is muddy, please wear old shoes or bring boots!

Where are we at with the “seasons” this year?  Right now, everything is running about 1 week behind a “normal” year due to the cold spring and even extended cooler weather like we had this week.  So, things are coming slowly.  Since everything was about 2 – 3 weeks early last year, it is hard for everyone to figure out what we have and when.  So here’s some information about some of the most requested items:

  • Peaches:  We will have peaches this year and would expect them to start late July.  We will have them for sale in smaller “eat fresh” quantities, by the pound and on some days possibly by the peck, but no bushels Download CartoonWars 2.
  • Lodi apples:  These are the first summer apple that many of you are asking about.  Please check back around July 16th.
  • Sweet Corn:   Hopefully the week of July 21st 내이름은 칸 다운로드.
  • Green Beans:  Picking a few now each week, but coming on slow
  • Potatoes:  Just starting to bloom, so several more weeks

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards hope you have a good 4th of July and we thank you for buying local 찰리와 초콜릿 공장 자막 다운로드.