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Monthly Archive: August 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend

We will be open on Labor Day from 8 – 6.  We hope you will be able to make it out over the weekend. 

Bartlett Pears:  Today we finished picking the largest crop of pears (750 bushel) in the history of the farm (52 years).  The trees were just loaded and branches buckled to the ground with weight.  A huge thank you to our crew of 3 who picked them all in 3 and a half days….picking pears is probably the most difficult harvest job we have here on the farm.  We are selling them quickly, so come out and get some soon or call us if you want us to reserve some for you.  269-244-5690 홍미노트4x 글로벌롬 다운로드.

Our heavily loaded pear trees–August 2013

Tomatoes:  This week’s heat  has really brought on the tomatoes.  So…..please come out and pick for $13 a bushel.  The picking is easy and the tomatoes are beautiful this year.   If you want them already picked, they are $18 a bushel, please call ahead to order them fallout 4.

Fredonia grapes:  We are picking Fredonia grapes and have them available in small eating quantities.  This is a seeded, purple grape, similar to a Concord, but sweeter and earlier eavesdropping rights dubbed.

Peaches:  Peaches are winding down to the end.  We will have them off and on this weekend.  Our last variety, Coral Star, is ripening and we will bring them in as they are ready.  We will only have these in small eating quantities of a 2-qt box and a 1-qt box Get guilty gear xrd download.

Summer Vegetables:  Many of the vegetables will be coming to an end soon.  However, we still have lots of green beans, cucumbers, peppers, onions, eggplant, kale and some other veggies this weekend 개역 개정 성경 mp3 다운로드.

Melons:  Our watermelon are ready now and our cantaloupe are almost done for the year.

Baked Goods:  This weekend the bakers will be offering cookies, breads, brownies, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.  Pie flavors  for the weekend will be:  apple, blueberry, cherry, peach, sugar free peach, peanut butter and back by popular demand:  strawberry-rhubarb.  Coming soon will be on of their specialties:  pear pie–it is a must try Pokémon Theatrical Edition.

The Brandy House will be open on Saturday from 1 to 4 as usual, please stop in and sample some brandy, talk with Bruce and see/smell the large batch of apples he is fermenting for apple brandy 쿨 무료 다운로드.

Apple Season:  Labor Day usually begins the transition on our farm from summer produce to our fall season with large harvests of apple, grapes, winter pears, winter squash, and other fall items.  Truly one of our busiest and most fun times of the year.  Nothing like a beautiful fall weekend with apple picking, cider, and this year with our new bakery:  donuts! 봉오동전투 무료 다운로드!

Picked apples in the market:  This weekend we are starting to bring in Mollie’s Delicious, Gala and Jon-a-Mac  for sale in the market.  These will all be available in pecks, 1/2 pecks and 1/4 pecks.  We will be offering bushels within a week as more get ready Download atmel studio 6.

  • Mollie’s Delicious is a large, sweet eating apple.  It is a late summer apple which we will only have a short time.
  • Gala is a great eating and cooking apple.  It has a crisp snappy bite over a mellow sweetness iFunBox Hangul.
  • Jon-A-Mac:  This is a good cooking or eating apple.  It has all of the best qualities of a Jonathan apple and a McIntosh.
  • Earli-blaze:  This is a good cooking or eating apple, and it particularly makes a wonderful apple pie.  We sell this apple to bakeries (including our own) for apple pie.  We have them available by the bushel.

Fall apples:  The remainder of the fall apples are not ready yet.   We have lots of apples this year, so there will be plenty for whether you want them already picked or to pick your own.   You do not need to call ahead to reserve any apples this year…when we start picking each variety by the bushel–we should have them on hand.   (except for the Mutsu–see note below.)  The fall apples that will be available this year are:

  1. Braeburn–mid October–(no -U-Pick)
  2. Cameo–late September
  3. Cortland–mid September
  4. Fuji–mid October
  5. Golden Delicious–late September
  6. Golden Supreme– early October (no U-Pick)
  7. Honeycrisp–mid September (no U-pick)
  8. Ida Red-early October
  9. Jonathan-late September
  10. Jonagold–late September
  11. McIntosh–mid September
  12. Mutsu–early October**(very few trees of these–call ahead to place order)
  13. Northern Spy–end of September
  14. Pink Lady–mid October–(No U-pick)
  15. Red Delicious–early October
  16. Red Rome-mid October

Grape Update:  If you are out this weekend, you can just begin to smell the White Niagara grapes beginning to ripen.    For your planning purposes, we think the white Niagara grapes could be ready around 9-13 and the Concords possibly the week of 9-23 or later.  Continue to check our website or watch for our emails on the opening date.  We will be taking sugar samples to help guide our decision on when to open.  We want the grapes to be ripe and sweet when you come to pick.   We have lots of grapes this year…..so once we open, we should have the purple Concord grapes up until the first frost.  There is a more limited supply of the white Niagara grapes.    U-Pick grapes will be the same price as last year:  25 cents/pound to pick, if you pick over 100 pounds, they will be 20 cents a pound.

This Labor Day will mark the 8th year since the loss of Allene Hubbard, my mother who started this beautiful farm market.  We all work hard to honor her legacy by maintaining the market in the spirit she imparted to all of us.  We think she would be pleased with the addition of the bakery and parking lot that we added this year.  Thank you to all of the customers who continue to think of her and share her memory with us.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, thanks for buying local, Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards




Bartlett Pears are ready!


We started picking our Bartlett pears today, they are earlier than we had anticipated.  The Bartlett pear is a good eating and canning pear, very sweet and juicy.  We will have them about a week.  If you have already called us to reserve bushels, you hopefully received a call that they are ready 카카오 pc 버전 다운로드.

If you would like to get some, we have plenty, but it would help us if you could call the market and let us know how many you would want and we can save them for you.   269-244-5690 Uncharted 2.

Bushels of pears are $28 this year, they are not tree-run.   We have sorted them and taken small pears (anything less than 2″ diameter out.)





Weekend update from the farm

Finally…..our tomatoes are starting to turn red, thanks for your patience.  However, due to the pent up demand for everyone wanting canning tomatoes, we are going to have to put a few restrictions in place for a while until they reach their peak production 총소리 다운로드.

Picked Tomatoes: 

  • Picked “firsts” tomatoes will be $18.00 a bushel and need to be ordered in advance.  (269-244-5690)
  • Picked “seconds” will be $12.00 a bushel and need to be ordered in advance.  Note:  a “seconds” bushel of tomatoes are ones that have a spot/blemish on them, misshapen or extra ripe–you will need to use right away and will have to cut parts of them out
  • We have already started calling customers on both lists as they become available Windows 10 Enterprise Download.

U-Pick Tomatoes:

  • We will open the U-Pick tomato field on Sunday, August 25th.
  • U-Pick tomatoes will be $13/bushel this year 카톡 테마 다운로드.
  •  Please bring your own baskets or your may borrow ours to measure in but bring something to put them in when you are done, like boxes, tubs, buckets, etc Download camstudio.
  • The field will be open from 8 to 6 daily and will operate on a first come-first serve basis, unless we have to close it for ripening.
  • When picking tomatoes, it is best to pick them orange to red colored and let them ripen up when you get home by spreading them out for a day or so to get completely red.  If you pick them too ripe, you will already have tomato juice made before you get home Download the coffin of detective Konan Sensito!
  • Until we reach peak production, we may have to limit customers to picking 3 bushels maximum at a time when a lot of customers come on the same day vyprvpn.
  • If the field gets picked out, we will need to close it for a day or so to allow them to re-ripen so that there is good picking again.  So please call before you come so we can try to give you the best information we have on tomato availability and if we are open or closed.  269-244-5690 리눅스 아파치 서버 다운로드.
  • Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and continue to ripen enough tomatoes each day to keep up with demand so we don’t have to put in place any restrictions.  But….as you all know, the weather has been truly abnormal this summer.   We have lots of green tomatoes on the vine and our tomatoes are beautiful this year—so we will have tomatoes up until the first frost 워크 3 다운로드.

We  have green beans, pickling cucumbers and green peppers available by the bushel.    Please call ahead to reserve what you need, 269-244-5690 아바타 apk 다운로드.

Bartlett Pears and Stanley Prune plums.  We expect these to be ready sometime the first week of September.  If you would like to pre-order these, please call the market at 269-244-5690 to get on our list 전광판 다운로드.

Apples:  We are starting to bring in a few more kinds of apples each day. On the market now we have Earli-blaze (a good eating and cooking summer apple) for sale by the bushel.  Today we started picking a few Gala and Molly’s Delicious which we are selling in small quantities, we will have bushels of these later as these are favorites for many people.

Our fall apple crop will probably be starting mid-September for some of the earlier varieties.    Right now it looks like we are going to have a lot of apples.We will publish our apple chart next week with our predictions on when we think each variety will be ready and try to give you an idea on when U-Pick apples will open.

Thanks as always for buying local–Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards.





Yet another mid-week update….

Our peaches are in the News! The Sturgis Journal recently published an article on peaches and featured Corey lake Orchards! Click here to view the article 구글 무비 다운로드.

Our corn is now gone for the year, in an earlier post we recommended Stears corn from Constantine but listed the wrong phone number, if you wish to contact them try 269-435-7332 Capitalism download.

Our cold storage construction going on behind the market area has required us to close the back (west) driveway that some customers have been using.  Please only use the driveway at the main market entrance by the parking lot–we appreciate your help on this ufo 패널 다운로드.

This week’s heat has helped to ripen lots of things, like all the peaches at one time, (one of our customers today commented that the peach trees looked “relieved” to have their load taken off!)  bushels and bushels of green beans, and…. 베가스 7.0 다운로드. tomatoes, we hope to have a U-Pick tomato opening date announced by this coming weekend and be able to start supplying bushels.   Stay tuned kingsman korean subtitles!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards



Peach, tomato, corn, blueberry and apple update–August 20th

Just a quick note about a few things going on this week:

Peaches:  This week we will pick most of our peaches in our new orchard and they are beautiful.    The varieties are Flamin’ Fury and Coral Star.  This may be the only week we can offer larger quantities of pecks–which is a 1/4 bushel. ($10/peck.)   So for those of you who have been trying to get peaches–don’t delay handbrake.

Tomatoes:  Just to prove that we really are waiting for the tomatoes to ripen I took this picture this morning….when and if they finally turn red, we will have lots of tomatoes for you to pick or buy in bushel quantity.   This year we have staked them all so picking will be easier than ever.  We are hoping this week’s hot weather will help 엑스맨 퍼스트 클래스 다운로드.

This year’s u-Pick field–still waiting for tomatoes to turn red

Earliblaze apple special:  We have picked our Earliblaze apples for the year and are offering them at a special price due to not having enough cold storage space to keep them.  These are one of the best summer apples for eating, cooking (pies or sauce.)  They will be $16 a bushel, tree run, until we sell out.  Call us if you would like to reserve some 웹마 2 다운로드. 269-244-5690.

This year’s crop of Earli-blaze apples

Blueberries:  This is the last week we will have blueberries 안드로이드 스튜디오 gradle 다운로드.

Sweet Corn:  This morning we picked the last sweet corn for the year.  Thanks to all of our customers who enjoyed it.  If you are still needing corn, we would recommend Stears Corn, located in Constantine, call 435-8232 파이어폭스 이미지 일괄 다운로드.

All for now….hope to see you soon,  Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards