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MacIntosh and Honeycrisp apples are here!!

As each apple comes to the market we will put out a new post/email to let you know.  Today we have brought in two more apples:

MacIntosh–available by the bushel and in smaller quantities.

Honeycrisp–available by the pound only.  We are just starting to get a few Honeycrisp in to the market, so we may not always have them.  Feel free to call ahead to see if they are on the market.  We should have them all weekend.

Lately there have been 3 questions so frequently asked that wanted to get them answered for you:

When are we going to have cider?   We are hoping to press our first apple cider of the year this coming week and have it available next weekend (9-13).   Keep your fingers crossed that the 50+ year old press starts up with no issues…..

When are we going to have  U-Pick apples:  We have not set an opening date yet for U-Pick apples…..we will try to open when most of the varieties are ready, so it could possibly be later in the week of 9-15 or even the following week.   We will post the opening date as soon as we know.

What is the name of the purple flower growing on the east side of the market?  While the number of people asking this question sort of surprises us, here’s the info.  It is called amaranthus.   As you can see—it is quite easy to grow and nice looking, It even self-seeded itself to grow more when we dug the ground up for the parking lot this summer.  If you need more info, talk to Cathy when you are here…..she brought it from her garden and it just took off here.

Parking:  We realize our parking lot’s distance from the market makes it a little more “challenging” when you are carrying out bushels of tomatoes or apples.  You are welcome to park close to the market if there is room when you arrive or you can park in the lot, do your shopping, then when finished, drive up by the market and we will help you get all of your things to your vehicle.

Here’s hoping we see you soon, thanks for buying local.  Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards