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“Bag your own Red Delicious” are back and eCycling opportunity available here on October 19th

Another beautiful fall weekend has past and we really appreciate all of the people who came out this past weekend for apple and grape picking, donuts and for our Fall Color Tour events yesterday.  Thanks to all of the art vendors, musicians, the Birds of Prey group and our many employees and volunteers who helped make it a great day.   
This year we are able to offer “Bag your own Red Delicious” like we offered in previous years.  We supply you with a 1/2 bushel plastic bag and you can fill as many bags as you would like for $5 each.   Needless to say our Red Delicious crop is quite bountiful this year so we want to make sure everyone gets plenty.  At this price, this is the perfect time to pick up apples to take to work, for a classroom, donate to a foodbank or stock up for the winter. 
As part of our desire to continue to preserve and protect the precious land resources, Corey Lake Orchards will host a FREE electronics recycling day on Saturday October 19th from 9am – 3pm 종로 의 기적 다운로드.
Emerald eCycling’s trailer will be parked just down the road from the farm market at the old schoolhouse at the corner of Corey Lake and Arthur L 이클립스 svn 다운로드. Jones Roads.   
Bring those old computers, cell phones, printers, monitors, cables & cords, keyboards, mice, stereo equipment, game consoles, and other unwanted electronic equipment for FREE recycling 간단한 유튜브 다운로드.   
Emerald does not accept televisions, smoke detectors or hazardous materials.   A complete list of items accepted is available on their website at www.emerald-ecycling.com Elder Scrolls Skyrim.
All items collected will be responsibly recycled in the United States.  For more information contact Emerald eCycling at 269-978-1914.  
We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to do a little fall clean up! 천둥 소리 다운로드!