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Monthly Archive: February 2014

Year of snow….crops will grow!

Hello again from snowy-icy Corey Lake Orchards.  I should have know something was going on when I opened the farmer’s almanac calendar this year and this is what was on January 1:  “Year of snow, crops will grow.”    For all of you who are getting tired of the snow, please realize that it is very good for our soil….so we’re hoping for a warm, gentle–controlled thawing in the spring….that allows our trees, vineyards and plants to absorb the moisture into their roots, and thus, get off to a great start for 2014 위닝 2014 다운로드!

This amount of snow has certainly caused us to be creative about how we get through it to trim the grapes.  We have tried moving it, packing it down, going over it with snowmobiles, snow blowing it, and still have parts of vineyards where the snow is so deep that none of these work.    Thankfully our crew is persevering and we are getting the job done and haven’t lost too much time yet this winter Download the Apache file.

Maybe snow shoes or stilts to get through the vineyard??

Our greenhouse tomatoes are planted!!  To be honest, we had to do some serious thinking about starting the greenhouse up this year, given that we heat it with propane.  But we are as anxious as you are for a good-flavored tomato.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can get propane and afford it!!  It would be really nice if Mother Nature could give us a little solar powered heat by having the sun around more often!  So….only 86 more days until the first BLT of the year 올드스쿨 다운로드!

Getting our hands in warm soil for the first time each year is really satisfying 포켓몬 하트골드 다운로드! Here we are mixing up the dirt for our pots.


Brenda, along with our Dad, Dayton Hubbard, helped get the pot bags opened to be filled with soil.


Dayton’s granddaughter, Amber, helped get the filled pots lined up in rows without a new window. It was great that she and her mother Brenda were here from Florida for the weekend to help us.


And finally, we got about 600 plants in their pots and growing!

We have been busy planning for the year, attending educational seminars, doing annual maintenance and working in the orchards and vineyards when weather permits.  This cold weather has given us extra time for R&R either sitting by the fire or on sunny days–in a lawn chair out in the greenhouse–where it feels like a mini Florida vacation Drop box!

We are wondering if you would share some pictures with us?  We belong to the Michigan Agri-tourism association which is having a contest with their members for pictures to put on the 2014 directory cover 윤미래 다운로드.   If you have some family photos taken on our farm that you would allow us to enter in the contest, we would really appreciate it.  Just email them back to us with permission to use 아이패드 오픈로드 다운로드.

We hope you are enjoying your winter.  I’ll leave you with the Farmer’s Almanac quote for February which says:  “If February is cold, the summer will be a nice one!!”   We’ll take it….everyone at Corey Lake Orchards is looking forward to seeing you soon os x mountain lion.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards