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Late June Update

Asparagus is now gone for the seasonSo sad, we will have to wait another year to have it fresh again.  Greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers are in short supply for a few weeks as our greenhouse production has dropped down.  So just be aware we tend to sell out of these early most days.  We will have fresh greens available, lettuce and kale.

Strawberry season is winding down, we anticipate having U-Pick go through Wednesday June 25th.  We will open the U-Pick field from 8 am until 11 am on Thursday, 6-26 and Friday, 6-27, however, we will no longer be assigning rows.  It will essentially be “pick where you can find them.”  We hope to have some picked berries in the market through June 28th, all of this depending on the weather.    We are no longer taking orders for flats of strawberries.   As the week goes on, best to call to see what the berry situation is before coming.

We have loved how many people have come out to pick berries this week, so many new families, we hope you had a great time.  (We’d love to have you share your pictures on our facebook page—-and we saw all of you taking them so we know you have them!!)

 Picked strawberries are available on the market for $3.25 a quart.

U-Pick strawberries:

  • Location is on AL Jones Road close to M60 by the old barn
  • U-pick strawberry pricing will be $1.75  quart.
  •  There is about 1.5 pounds in a quart of strawberries
  • Please bring  quart containers if you have them. If not, you may borrow ours for picking and bring your own containers (bowls, tubs, etc.) to get the strawberries home.
  • We will open the field at 8:00 am and it will remain open until we are picked out or until 12:00 pm daily
  • We are offering two afternoon picking options this year: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 pm to 6 pm
  • We plan to open each day weather permitting, closing only for berries to ripen if the weather turns cold. If we close the field for ripening, we will make that decision the day before, so please call us the day/night before you plan to come to make sure we are picking that day. For safety, we will close the field during lightning or a thunderstorm.

Strawberry picking is a great learning experience for kids!

Cherries:  There will not be any U-Pick sweet cherries this year as we lost 95% of our crop with the winter freeze.  We are investigating trying to get some from another farm and will let you know if we are able to.    We have about 60% of our tart cherry crop and we will have those available when they are ready for U-Pick.  Please check back about June 27th for an update and pricing.

This weekend in the bakery we will have:   

  • Pies: apple, blueberry, blueberry rhubarb, cherry, chocolate,  choco-butter (chocolate/peanut butter), peanut butter, rhubarb,  strawberry rhubarb, and fresh strawberry glaze.
  • Cookies: frog shaped cut outs, monster (oatmeal, choc chips, m&m’s and peanut butter) chocolate chip, and lemon.
  • Bread: 12 grain, whole wheat, cinnamon.
  • Cinnamon rolls and sticky buns.
  • Donuts: blueberry, buttermilk, and cherry.
  • Slushies: Apple cider and Concord grape.
  • Homemade shortcakes to use with your  fresh strawberries
  • If you would like to reserve any baked goods please call us at (269) 244-5690.

A final note from the bakers: For the past two weeks, we have been very busy washing, hulling, and freezing strawberries to use all summer and next spring for our pies. They have been absolutely incredible this year, juicy, sweet, and of course tasty! Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and this may be the last weekend for fresh strawberries, which also means it may be the last weekend for fresh strawberry glaze pies. So come on out this weekend and get one while they are still here! See you this weekend!– The Bakers

Happenings on the farm this week.  We absolutely loved the rain (maybe not the wind….) we got almost an inch this week.  It rejuvenated our crops and prevented us from having to irrigate.  It also allowed us to more easily pull weeds–a daily activity here it seems.  No update from Becca this week as she had the week off, however, as most of you have noticed, she will have many weeds to deal with upon her return.  We are at one of those “awkward” stage at the farm….waiting for all of the summer vegetables to be ready to fill up the market.    The rain and heat of this past week is helping to push things along, potatoes are blooming which means we will soon have fresh dug new potatoes, our field tomato plants are big enough to be staked.

So, we hope to see you out for strawberry picking this weekend.  Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local.    Beth

The U-Pick tomato field is getting staked and tied, who has already used up their tomato and salsa supply and is just waiting for 2014’s crop??

The potatoes are in bloom, 6-19-14


A potato blossom is truly lovely