12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

A bakery celebration–our one year anniversary

Please join us this Friday, August 8th as we take a minute to celebrate the grand opening of our bakery.  We will be handing out free donuts all day and have apple pie specials as well.  A short, formal celebration will take place at 9:30 a.m. for anyone who wishes to attend.

Why celebrate now? This week marks the anniversary of the opening of our bakery, a long-time vision of ours that came to fruition one year ago. But with the demanding schedule of a family farm, we’re just getting around to hosting our grand opening party!

We’re celebrating our bakery staff, who make every pie from scratch. The bakery is led by Michaela, along with the hard work of her mother Patti and neighbor Jan. Together, they craft each pie using a secret crust recipe so good they won’t even share it with me! All of their baked goods are hand made with love. We’re also lucky to have Gene every weekend pitching in to make donuts as well as keep the bakery spotless.

They never get tired of you telling them how good your last pie was or piling up at the counter in lines to get a pastry of your choice to eat at the tables on the market porch while you take in the farm experience.


We’re celebrating our farm. We make our fruit pies with ingredients right here, and for that we can thank the rest of the crew at Corey Lake Orchards. With their help, we grow and harvest the delicious produce for the bakery, from the fruit used in the pies and muffins to the vegetables used in some of our breads.

We’re celebrating our hard work. Every morning, the bakery crew already has sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and bread coming out of the oven, just as the farm crew arrives to start picking the produce for the day.  The market staff is soon behind them, getting fruits and vegetables ready for the day and doing all of those little “behind the scenes tasks” that make the market what it is.  We’re so appreciative, every day, of the people working so hard with us.

We’re celebrating our customers. Every day, we meet new customers. And every day, we talk to our same customers and friends who have been coming to Corey Lake Orchards, some of you for decades.  We love hearing your stories and your favorite memories. It’s been a tough year with the loss of my dad and the weather-related losses we have suffered.  In all honesty, I cannot thank you enough for the support and compassion that you’ve given us – you are all a part of this farm too.

Last year’s frenzy – bulldozers making our parking lot, hammer saws busting up concrete, construction dust blowing all over – feels like it happened ages ago now. The large room that was a cold storage for our apples, a room that most customers didn’t even know existed, was transformed into the beautiful and inviting bakery we have today. We welcome you to join us on Friday as we celebrate the hard work we’ve done this past year and the hard work we hope to do for years to come.

On behalf of everyone here at Corey Lake Orchards, we thank you for buying local.    Beth