12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

Our last day is Friday, October 24th for the year….

While our “official” last day for the market and bakery was Sunday, October 19th, we have remained open this week to sell remaining produce, with reduced hours of 9 to 5. Below you will find listed what is still available, we will be open until 5 pm on Friday October 24th, which will really be our last day for the year.  (We are closing early this year due to such a small apple crop.)

Here’s what is what we still have:

Butternut squash

Fall Ornamentals: rainbow corn, small hay bale sand Diane’s famous painted pumpkins

Bagged onions: Our sweet candy onions (red and yellow),  Special cipollini cooking onions are also available.

Kale (multiple kinds), potatoes, and dried sage

Bakery:  The bakery is closed for the year, but still taking orders for pies for Thanksgiving. If you’d like to place an order you can call us at 269-244-5690 until the Friday before Thanksgiving (November 19th). The pick up date for Thanksgiving pies will be on Wednesday November 26th.

Picked grapes: We still have picked grapes available (white Niagara and the purple Concord)- $20 a bushel. Please call the market at 269-244-5690 to order them.

U-Pick grapes: We are still open for purple Concord. The frost has killed off most of the leaves making them easier to pick for sure.  However, you need to come out very soon as  the grapes will start changing in texture. They are 25 cents a pound to pick, or 20 cents a pound if you pick over 100 pounds.

U-Pick apples:  We have completed the apple harvest and we are now open for end of year “apple gleaning”–you may pick apples left on the tree or off the ground for $5/bushel. However, please be aware that there are very few left….so some work and effort is required to find them.

Picked Apples on the market–we have some of the following left, but going fast.  It is best to call ahead and have us save what you want since we have so few left.

  • Honeycrisp: This seems to be many people’s favorite, it is crisp with an excellent sweet flavor and a “bite” to it. Great for eating fresh or using in salads
  • Northern Spy: This is an antique apple that cooks up well in applesauce, pie and other dishes…..very popular for apple pie
  • Golden Delicious: A gingery-smooth, sweet taste lies under a thin skin. Great for applesauce, cider, pies or other desserts
  • Red Rome: Bright red, tart apple for eating or cooking with a pink tinge when you bite into it…makes a nice looking applesauce
  • Mutsu: A large green very tart apple for eating or cooking, the closest thing we have to a Granny Smith

Apple pricing for the year:  With the exception of Honeycrisp, apples are: $24 a bushel, $13 a half-bushel, $7 a peck (1/4 of a bushel), $4 a half-peck, $2 a 1/4 peck and $1.00 a pound.

Pumpkins: We no longer have pumpkins, sorry.  You might find some at Riley Pumpkin Farm which is located in Three Rivers, follow the signs to Ferguson Road off of Broadway.

Happenings on the farm this week:

We were surprised to find how busy we were on the market this week. After last year’s bumper crop of apples that went on through November, nobody believes that we really are closing! So thanks to everyone that came out to get our remaining produce this week. We have started pruning the apple orchards and making great progress with the good weather – if you drive along AL Jones Road you will see how far along we have already come. As soon as the Concord vines completely die off from the frost, we will start pruning the grapes, which is one of our most labor intensive annual farm tasks.

The reduced market hours this week allowed me to get into the office and start through the mountain of paperwork that piled up during our busy season (definitely not my favorite thing). Becca has been busy brewing hard cider, preparing her garden for the frosts, and helping Bruce to start some Concord grape brandy.

We were notified this week that we were selected to be this year’s recipient of Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes’ annual FISH (Food Industry Supply Hero) award.  They are one of several food pantries we work with to ensure none of our excess produce goes to waste and we really appreciate our partnership with them, which has allowed us to donate over 35,000 pounds of produce in the past five years.

It is supposed to be an absolutely beautiful fall weekend coming up and we are truly sorry that we will not have the traditional farm experience to offer you since we are closing. It will be great weather to be out in orchards and pumpkin patches. So for those of you looking for pick your own apples, pumpkins, and the cider and donut experience, I would direct you to the following website to find other places in Michigan:  http://michiganfarmfun.com/. All of the farms you will find here belong to the Michigan Agritourism Association which I am proud to serve as the President of. I can wholeheartedly recommend these as options for you to take advantage of fall fun on a Michigan farm.

Finally, we would like to give our condolences to the friends and family of Lee Hawkins. Lee passed away this week at the age of 94 and was a well-loved member of the Three Rivers community, working at the high school for many years. He also worked at Corey Lake Orchards for over 40 years and was a common face around the market even after he retired. He was a wonderful friend to our family and he will be missed.

So, we thank you again for a  great season, for being such loyal customers and buying local, Beth and everyone else at Corey Lake Orchard


Beautiful colors at the market, open just a few more days.