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Survey problems – we fixed it! Will you try again?

We apologize for the technical issues that those of you who tried to complete our survey. We would like to ask you to try it again. Unfortunately it looks like it won’t work correctly if we send it directly via the email list. However, you can take it by going directly to our website.

Simply click here to go to http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/survey-2/ and you’ll see the whole survey.

Some of you went directly to the blog entry on our website and put in your answers there which worked fine. We still have your answers and are all set, so you do not need to re-do it. If you are not sure, just go ahead and input your answers again.

We’ll stop sending you emails now and go back to working on the hoophouse, getting ready for our tomato plants (coming next week), trimming grapes and ordering seeds.

Thanks so much!!  Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards