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Asparagus Updates and a Visit from Winter

None of us really thought we were through with winter, did we? Those beautiful warm spring days of last weekend were just a teaser–then reality hit with this week’s cold weather to remind us that we are still in Michigan, where spring is always a mystery and full of abrupt weather changes. Mother Nature once again played with our orchards, vineyards and vegetable crops–lured them out of their winter dormancy and then put them back on hold.

So when are we opening? Tentatively, May 1st. Please keep checking here or call us because it’ll be May 1st give or take a day, depending on asparagus. We know we need to open soon so you can get bedding plants in the garden!

Asparagus:  We had one picking of asparagus and we are now waiting for warm weather to resume picking, probably about a week from now. We are happy to take your orders and can call you when we can fill them. Asparagus will be $2.25 a pound or $2/pound for ten pounds or more. Call 269-244-5690 and leave your name, how many pounds you would like, and a phone number.

Other produce: We also have kale for sale from Becca’s garden that she overwintered. Kale can survive below freezing temperatures and after doing so becomes sweet and incredibly tender. $3/large bag, self-serve on the market while it lasts. We also have some spring onions available.


Fresh kale!

We are getting the bakery ready! This week we installed another oven so we can bake more items. We can’t wait to start into some of the new cookies, brownies, muffins and breads we have planned.

Bedding plants: As soon as it gets warm enough to bring them onto the market, we will have all kinds of vegetables, flowers and and herbs for you to get for your own yards and gardens. We will keep bringing them in through the month of May. Becca will be doing a garden planning workshop. Sit tight for news on that!

Planting: We were able to get into the fields this week before the big rain, so the potatoes are planted along with most of the onions. If you drive by the onions planted on AL Jones Road in the black plastic, you will see they are not too happy with this harsh wind! But we expect a full recovery.

Grape Pruning: Hooray! We are finally finished with all of our winter work on the grape vineyards.  We have been at this since November and it feels good to have it done so new growth can begin.

From Becca: I’ve been seeding and transplanting at the schoolhouse all week. Should be harvesting lettuce within the next few weeks, as well as radishes and turnips.

In the hoophouse, I’ve been covering the tomato plants with baskets to keep them warm at night. In these times, I remember my grandpa and his commitment to planting tomatoes in the field in April – he (and every family member he could drag along) would go out on cold nights and cover every plant with a bushel, even shoveling dirt on top of each one on windy nights. And often, they lived! (Other times, he made us all go replant them.) There’s no wind in the hoophouse and it’s warmer to begin with, so hopefully they’re fine in the temperatures tonight. And hopefully this the last night I have to worry about it.

I’m harvesting the last of last year’s kale out of the yarden, which has been turned into a large herb garden for this year! I think it will be both nice to look at and a pleasant place to sit.

Tomatoes covered up in the hoophouse.

Tomatoes covered up in the hoophouse.

The beginning of our new, expanded herb garden.

The beginning of our new, expanded herb garden.